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About a year ago I completely ditched Microsoft operating systems for personal use, after having been experimenting with Linux for a few weeks (unfortunately I do need to use certain applications for work fairly regular which won´t run on Linux, have been tinkering with Wine, but it wasn´t stable enough for production usage).

I decided to dive in “deep” right in from the get go, by choosing Arch Linux as my first distro. It required a lot of reading on Arch’s Wiki, and I succeeded during my first attempt. In hindsight I am glad that I choose Arch to start with, I learned quite a bit about Linux in a short time. If you are eager to learn, and don´t mind spending hours sometimes on certain tasks, I guess you can´t go wrong with Arch. For impatient people, I would discourage Arch ;).

So then I had an old laptop lying around, that one got Manjaro installed. It was rather easy to install the Architecture Edition (sort of a manual installation, although much easier than the Arch installation). With the XFCE4 DE this old laptop runs really smooth (it uses very few resources), much better than Windows 10 for example.

Then I recently bought myself a Ryzen 4700u notebook. I decided that it also had to have at least a Linux Arch based distro installed. Apparently I really like those rolling release distros, and with some precautions, you can really reduce the chance of getting a broken system after a full system upgrade. I was really impressed by what I read and saw about EndeavourOS, so that became my distro of choice. I installed the OS on a root partition with a BTRFS filesystem. With Cronie I made a Snapshot schedule (weekly, 20 minutes after boot, before a system upgrade), and if shit would hit the fan, I can always restore a Snapshot via the Grub bootloader.

Unfortunately I have major issues getting the touchpad of my Lenovo Flex5 14ARE05 to work, I spent quite some hours on it already. If anyone has a suggestion, I´d be more than happy to hear it, but I probably will create a seperate thread about it.

My notebook doesn´t have an ELAN touchpad which can be found on the 15" model 15ARE05), and maybe also sometimes on the same model I have. Mine is equipped with a MSFT0001:00 touchpad (which I could see in Windows 10), but in EndeavourOS it doesn´t even get recognized. Dmesg, xinput, lspci, lsusb, inxi -Fxxxza, doesn´t give any related output to the touchpad.

Well, this story is pretty long already, I guess I better create a seperate thread related to my touchpad issues.



Hiho back at you from Washington DC

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P.S. Create separate threads, don’t hesitate to ask for help :wink:

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Hello @Rovax
You can try this kernel parameter in the default grub command line and generate a new grub file.


You may need all of these or maybe not but
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=“acpi_backlight=vendor i8042.reset i8042.nomux i8042.nopnp i8042.noloop”

Not sure if you have the backlight issue but it is pretty common on lenovo. Here is some info. The rest may help you figure out the touchpad issue.


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Is afrikaans close enough?
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Most of us will be able to understand Afrikaans if we just try a little, and you’ll be able to understand Dutch just fine :wink:

(I had a landlady from South Africa once, ages ago. Good times.)

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I have tried to add some kernel parameters as my first attempt to fix the problem, unfortunately it didn’t work.

Afrikaans and Dutch definitely have quite some similarities, which isn’t surprising since Afrikaans is derived from Dutch. I have never heard anyone speaking Afrikaans, so I am not sure how easy/hard it is for Dutch people to understand. In writing however, I think a lot of people from the Netherlands are able to understand the language pretty well.

I read the interview you’re referring to, but it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard about the distro. A while ago I noticed that EOS was ranked quite highly on Distrowatch, so I did some research, and decided that I wanted to give it a try.

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