HiFi audo card suggestion

Do a rough search related to good quality sound card, which will work without any issues under Endeavour, but find nothing.

Currently i’m using ESI MayaEx44.
Unfortunately there is no drivers for Linux-based operating systems.
So i’m looking to comparable in terms of audio quality solution.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

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I suggest external cards, anything in RME Fireface series.
I myself on UCX, 1st generation - it’s best money i’ve ever spend, it sounds twice as great for what you pay for.

There’s few caveats:

  1. To get it work on Linux you will need to enter hardware in CC mode, so all the fancy software mixer stuff for Windows / Mac won’t work

  2. To get around it - you should just use jack2, which is better anyway.

This may be of help if you’re interested…

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Thanks for expanded suggestions, but you are speaking about hacks and tricks right from the start.
Also i don’t see Linux drivers on RME site. I already know that RME cards are supreme in terms of audio quality and hardware. Moreover such solution will be overkill for my lil’ Renoise experiments.

So i’m looking something more common, which will work without Linux wizardy.
I’m Linux newbie. All my previous USB interfaces under windows were a complete bummer in terms of latency, crackles and glitches.

It’s not really hacks or tricks at all :upside_down_face:
There’s no windows-esque understanding of drivers on Linux.

  1. CC (class compliant) mode - is a hardware definition, which means using kinda “universal driver” which works anywhere, it’s just a switch in audiocard. So whichever card you choose - make sure it has CC, otherwise it’s not guarantee if it works perfectly on Linux…RME has it.

  2. jack - is a superior pro-audio backend.
    You can use any card without it (pipewire / pulseaudio / alsa), for example if you’re fine with having just 1 stereo-pair output, but if you want all of those inputs / outputs available and have a better quality / latency - jack is a way to go, i use it even for internal motherboard cards on laptops.

    With jack whole i/o for RME is available to do whatever you want.

Besides, if you’re doing whatever in any DAW - jack is a really good idea for any card, otherwise latency will be…meh.


Thanks for providing comprehensive, wiki-like answer.
As i understand CC is a term for usb-devices and it is not applicable to internal pcie boards.

It looks like options are pretty slim right now and the bet will be RME or MOTU Ultralite AVB.
But currently i’m not ready for such investments.