I’m planning to give GNOME 40 a try this weekend. I like the idea of getting a completely different operating concept than the classic, familiar concept. Currently I use KDE, before that Xfce for a long time. GNOME 3.xx I had also tried, but later threw it away. Well, I am now at least ready for a new challenge …
BUT …, my problem is that I am very spoiled by the scaling in KDE. Currently I’m still using a monitor with 2560x1440 on 25" (plan to get a monitor with 4K later this year). That would be a pixel density of 117 ppi. I have to get close to this value with GNOME. Under GNOME 3.xxx this was possible with the Tweak tool. Does the Tweak tool still work with GNOME 40 and how do I install it there (package name)?

Isn’t that just the natural resolution of the monitor? What type of scale are you trying to achieve?

Sorry, mistyped, it must be 25": WQHD on 25".

So, as I said, on 25" it is enough to take 3 times the scaling factor. This then results in a font of 114 ppi (117 would be optimal, but occasionally causes distortions). That under plasma. And what do I do with GNOME 40?

Did you say that somewhere? I must have missed it.

Gnome definitely supports 3x scaling if that is what you want.

Although, that would make everything quite large.

As side note, if your vision/distance from the screen is such that you need 3x scaling, why upgrade to 4K? :sweat_smile:

No, I corrected it in the posting just before, it was a typo of mine, SORRY :wink:

Not 3x, 3x scaling factor in %: 6.25, which makes a final result of 118.75 % in plasma. what makes a ppi of 114.
So still starting from my current 25" inch monitor: scaling 118.75 % results in a ppi of 114, at 4K it will be different again.

Yes, the package is called gnome-tweaks. You can get fractional scaling on GNOME by issuing

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

Afterwards you can set a scaling to 125% e.g. via gnome-control-center instead of 100% or 200% which is GNOME default. The result of fractional scaling, at least for me, is not satisfying (which is valid for Plasma, too, at least, again, for me). I simply scaled the font by 1.3, and that’s all (I’m on a 1920x1080 14’’ laptop, so this may not be representative). Maybe you could check this by using a Fedora live medium which sports GNOME 40 already and install gnome-tweaks by

sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks 

In my opinion, this is almost always a better option than using fractional scaling.

Although it isn’t intuitive, nearly all UI elements scale with the font size. If you want a small scale, changing the font size will almost always yield better results. This is especially true if you want a very small scale like 18%.


OK, that’s how I did it with Xfce. At least it was sufficient there. Thanks for your help @dalto , @csteinforth!


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