Hide all GRUB boot messages

What i want to do is to hide all boot message

I can able to hide grub menu


I hide this welcome message

Welcome to GRUB!


I also hide

Starting version 249.3


////// Now how can i hide this message

Booting 'endarvouros' (etc)

How can I suppress/hide these?


Do you have quiet in your kernel options? I think grub calls it something like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT

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Yes i had quite added

I would just install plymouth. It will only show for a few seconds but it should hide all those messages.

I habe fsck hidden butmy bootloader i see a second i stil want to have bit control

I want to
But i don’t know to setup it

Or just installing Plymouth will work automatically?

I don’t know

The instructions are here. You need to carefully read and follow them.

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Its too complicated for me

So i had settled on grub hacks

I had managed to hide all grub messages

Except that last one

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Good luck. :hugs:

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Found a great video guide for grub

No need for Plymouth

Just set background image in grub (mine is black bg with enos logo at centre)

Change the text color to black

So we will only see our enos image while booting
Not the text

I’ve been debating whether to mention the easiest way to hide Grub boot messages:
sudo pacman -R grub
and replace the whole thing with systemd-boot or rEFInd…


What is the difference between grub boot and systemd boot?

Can you plz explain!

Well - here is a short form of the answer. Modern (ie: most current) Linux systems can be directly booted from UEFI. Grub is a boot system (called from UEFI) that manages loading things into place before starting them. It also can create menus, pass parameters and run an os-prober to determine what else is present that is bootable.

rEFInd is an alternative to grub that also searches out all bootable items and provides a menu for selection - then direct boots your choice. Systemd-boot (formerly gummiboot) is a simpler alternative that also direct boots using the systemd framework already in place. They are all different ways to end up in the same place, with different displays in the course of their operation.

That’s about as simple as I can make it at this time of day!


Avoid Grub Customizer like a plague btw, there are countless issues caused by it all around the web :upside_down_face:

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Ok, i will edit grub manually

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Can confirm this. I was enthusiastically using and recommending grub customizer until it no longer worked, not saving some settings, incorrectly setting other, and the menu not being what i’ve set it to be. Pretty buggy. I said, no matter I will go manual. Now that’s where things got even worse. It’s a pain to go back to normal grub after customizer.

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