Heroic Games Launcher

Hey All

So recently I installed Heroic Games Launcher, I used the build available in AUR. I ensured that Legendary is also installed as well as xterm. I have a weird issue, if I manually start a game from legendary via the CLI it launches.

When I try using Heroic Games Launcher, nothing happens, I click the game select play and nadda. Any ideas? I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing seems to help.

@dodgypast is a user of heroic if i recall correctly, maybe he can help :slight_smile:

So after some additional configuration I went and replaced all the wine versions in Heroic default location and that somehow fixed it. Now been able to play a couple of Epic Games


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I was using it with Proton, so didn’t come across that issue.

Thank you for the reply, it is quite weird and I’ve found in my case to also be dependent on what games I use. Some of them I’ve also had to start using Proton and GE as well. At least its working now.