Helping out with EOS

Hey there,

I’m a developer with a bit of spare time and was thinking of helping out if the team needs a hand? Wasn’t sure exactly where to reach out but figured this might be a good place to start :slight_smile:


Here’s our software development taking place:

Could you tell us something about your developer background, and what kind of things would you be interested in helping with?

Professionally, I mostly work in back-end code (Java, PHP, Python, PL/SQL et cetera) but I’ve got front end experience with React most recently. In terms of what I’d like to help out with, I haven’t got anything specific in mind but I was thinking that the installer and post install experience are maybe obvious candidates as starting points? From what I read it seems like that’s something you guys are thinking of expanding on so I’d be happy to give it a shot.

OK. Then I guess our other devs could have their say on what help they’d need. Currently they are quite busy, but hopefully they can allocate some time to give more answers.

And thanks for the offer! :+1: :smile:

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  • Installer is not developed by us, we use calamares, only configured and expanded to work for EndeavourOS.
  • post install experience ? we have welcome app and minimal system-configuration systemd services / grub theme lightdm theme / wallpapers

I noticed the theming wasn’t applied to the app. XFCE appears to use Arc on the live ISO, but the Calamares installer hasn’t been configured to suit the theme style judging by the grey background of the installer and the buttons used hence the suggestion.

I can’t seem to find the post now, but I recall reading somewhere you were looking to expand some application (I’m guessing it’s the eos-welcome app? I could’ve misread). In any case they’re suggestions, if there’s something you want help with specifically and I feel I’ve got the skills to help, I will. Otherwise, if you feel you’re on top of things; that’s fine too.

this is work in progress, as calamares using qt and xfce gtk, and on top calamares is themed inside itself by using kinda css way to do so, @FLVAL was doing a great job on tinkering into this.

We are not ready with the adaptation of calamares to the XFCE4 theme, and there is also the announcement that calamares will change on that in the future.

Any help is welcomed and we are happy to see you here!
We need more contribution to development at any time, you can start by taking a look at GitHub and feel free to ask about anything here.

welcome app uses yad and so it is not that great when it comes to ui design but has proven to be very easy to use.


Do you have any ARM devices, or any interest in ARM devices?


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Hey, Pudge. Sure do. I have a RPi4 that’s currently running Manjaro. I also have an RPi2 laying around somewhere.


yes ARM is also a thing now! i do forget to mention…

Yep, honestly just happy to help with whatever :slight_smile: Happy to help you guys to start off with in ARM and go from there (currently in-between jobs so I’ve got a lot of free time) :slight_smile:


The welcome package (includes eos-welcome) is under constant development, as soon as new ideas arise. As Joe already mentioned, it is built on top of yad features and bash language, so it is rather limited in terms of graphics, but yad works so far quite well.

So if you have ideas about possible new features, that would help. I’m not sure whether you’d like to learn yad (especially if you are not yet familiar with it), but e.g. python is OK too. Welcome is a collection of various ideas and tools that help new users get started with EndeavourOS. It is also useful for more experienced users, because it helps with some essential maintenance operations etc. So the purpose of it is to help all users with some essential questions.

But now you seem to start doing stuff with ARM and that’s great!

Welcome aboard! :sweat_smile: