Help with vulkan on lutris

Lutris says that vulkan is not supported, i have the recommended packages installed and the nvidia driverā€¦please help

Does you NVIDIA GPU even support Vulkan? If it an RTX, definitely. On GTX cards, as low as the GTX 1080 should work.

Its an gtx 960, supports vulkan normally on other distrosā€¦

What Vulkan game are you trying to play?

I dont tried to play yet, but i dont have vulkan support and i will need it, dolphin dont work too, says failed to create vulkan instanceā€¦

I have the packages recommended by lutris team on the graphics driver page, followed the arch based distro guide but no success, lutris still says that vulkan is not supported, its the first time i have this kind of error, vulkan works very well on rebornos, ubuntu, mint and solusā€¦

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  2. Yep, your GPU supports vulkan (at least on proprietary drivers it should)

  3. Please follow requirements in this guide
    Linux gaming [Tutorial]

Thanks man, but i already followed this guide, i have the proprietary drivers and vulkan installed, but i have the same errorā€¦

Well, following the same guide again fixed the problemā€¦thx

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