Hello, new EOS user

Hello, my name is Russell and I am long time Debian user, Decided to try Endeavour OS.
I am fairly quit but try to help folks if I know the answer, Hobbies are Playing games and reading books sci-fi mostly.
Favorite Author(s) Issac Asimov, Piers Anthony,Ray Bradbury and Jules Vern.

Thanks for having me as guest in your community.


Welcome to the dark side, there’s no going back. :wave:


Lol Thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the :enos:-Forum! Enjoy the purple ride :rocketa_purple:


Always room for a Bradbury fan! - the most lyrical sci-fi writer.

Welcome to the club


Welcome, @kamakazi , nice to meet you.

Jules Verne wrote some intriguing stories indeed.

There’s a topic about books-you’ve-read on the forum as well [1]; if you have some interesting books you’d like to share, please drop them there.

Do enjoy rolling with EndeavourOS. :slight_smile:

[1] Books, what are you reading right now?

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Welcome @kamakazi :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome to the forum and the best Linux distro! :enos:

Welcome from an old guy… who is a massively avid reader ( about 150 books per year) and enjoys both eos and Debian. This is a great place to ask questions; there are many, many positive, helpful folks about. :slight_smile:


150 a year!! I need to step up my game. Bravo

you should read

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Also the forum is the best! :wink:

Welcome & Enjoy!

I would like to say thank you to all of you for being so welcoming to me, Sorry I have not logged in until now work has had me running non stop :(. have not even had enough time to configure my WM or my install hoping to get it done soon though.

But once again thank you.

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Welcome to the community :beers:

Thank you I book marked, for reading later on, man this pkg manager is fully loaded :). the only managers I have ever used are RPM and DEB other than that I build from source but not as much as I used to, since Linux is getting more popular source compiling is becoming a little less safe than it used to be.