Hello from Belgium

About me
Hi all!
I am a new EndeavourOS user coming from Manjaro.
The main reason for this switch is due to recent activities within the team and now their forum issues.

I am from Belgium and can speak French, Dutch, and English.

I started using Linux as daily OS back in 2000 with Debian.
When Arch Linux was released, I made the switch.
Later I switched to Manjaro with version 0.8.0 and stayed there.
And now after 8 years on Manjaro it was time for something new as I did not believe in their future anymore personally.

I work as an open source consultant for one of the big 4.
My nonspecialist lies within automation for server deployments using puppet.
This is also the way my personal computer is set up.
The switch was rather easy as all my configs and packages are automated already from Manjaro. Only a few changes were needed.

My setup
I use a custom built PC with a 9th gen i5 and an RTX 2060 connected to 3 27 inch screens.
On top of that I run EndeavourOS with spectrwm.
I installed with xfce but removed it immediately and set up my spectrwm config instead.
Previously I was an i3 user, but after trying spectrwm during the quarantine, I can’t go back.

In case you still have questions, feel free!
I will be regularly available on forum and on irc.


Welcome aboard! :enos: :rocket:

Tell me more! :slight_smile:
What are benefits?

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Welcome to the community

:beers: << made by monks of course


For my use case it is the way multiple screens are handled compared to i3.
A workspace that is not open on a screen can be opened on any other screen even when a program is running there. Furthermore I much more prefer to have a master area on the left of my screen with a stacking area next to it as I can easily switch which program should be in the master area with a shortcut.

On top of this, I found the config is a lot easier (even though i3 is already easy) and it has gaps out of the box without needed a patch (i3-gaps). The RAM usage is also half of i3-gaps on idle for me.


Welcome Kelaun!

Is the community made by monks!? :crazy_face:

Have you tried AwesomeWM or dwm though?
I wonder how experience would compare :slight_smile:

Both should be miles ahead i3 in terms of what you can do, but now i really wonder to try spectrwm, thx for mentioning :wink:


The intention was just the beer, but who knows what else they’ve been up to. :laughing:


Welcome to the fun :tada: :balloon:

I tried Awesome in the past yes, but the configuration was a bit messier for me and the usage was not good for me back then. It was a long time ago though.

Regarding dwm, I also tried it, but needing to recompile for a config change made me run away fast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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maybe he mean monkeys?

Welcome @Kelaun!


welcome skipper have a good sailing with us, and show us your desktop:
https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/share-your-desktop <— you do already :wink:



Already did that


Welcome, dear Belgian user!
Go for i3 :wink:

Welcome @Kelaun, new day, new OS, new adventure !

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Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

You make great beer!


Welcom @Kelaun, nice to see you here. Bienvenue !

Welcome! @Kelaun