Hello and THANK YOU


I’m Jorge, from Spain. I’m not a programmer, I work in what you could call “participatory habitat development” or “civic design”. I help housing cooperatives and neighborhoods co-develop and co-design the spaces they want to live in, at the same time facilitating social interaction, decision making, governance and project management related aspects.

I also believe in free software as a subset of free culture.

Today I was just updating my EndeavourOS install, watching the commands fly by in the terminal, and it suddenly dawned on me how many things are happening under the hood on my system. On a system other people are building and maintaining and which I am able to use for my work and personal life.

And I felt very grateful. So, many thanks to EndeavourOS community, and also to the people behind GNU/Linux, Arch, GNOME and a huge lot of other software projects that make this possible.


Bienvenido to EnOS’ community!

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¡Bienvenido @eldelacajita a EOS! Vas a encontrar un super “friendly community”. Un abrazo y “enjoy your stay here”

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Hello and welcome @eldelacajita :wave: What a cool job you have :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome aboard!


Have fun!

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Welcome, and nice post.
I feel the same way

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Welcome @eldelacajita

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!