Hello all, newbie coming from PopOS!

Hello dear endeavour community,

I am currently trying out EOS in a virtual box. After some issues with the online installer (download of a new ISO helped) I successfully dived into GNOME 40 (i tried i3 too, but I am not in the mood to have this learning curve for now).

I am using PopOS! since more than a year as my daily driver and came to it because of the great NVIDIA support they offer straight out-of-the-box. In addition I fell in love with the tiling feature the Pop-Shell offers, thank god that it works as smooth in Gnome 40 as in 3.38 (which is used by PopOS!), but in general I am not excited about the direction System76 is going with PopOS! in the future (Cosmic Desktop).

Thus I wanted to kindly ask about how the current situation is for handling NVIDIA drivers (for GTX 1050Ti to be specific) within EOS?

I wanted to make sure before I ditch the main distro on my everyday device.

Since EOS runs outrageous good already in the VBox and I am also fond of the rolling release nature of Arch I think EOS can be the one.

I also tried out manjaro before but I was not able to get comfortable with it.

I am grateful for every reply.

all the best, twinky


Welcome aboard!


Hey,Welcome to the purple side and may you enjoy your journey as most of us do enjoy ours


What do you mean by this?

You just install the drivers and its good to go, unless you want to do funky things then you may see issues.

Welcome to the forum! As far as I can tell Nvidia support and management is extremely good in EnOS. I cannot speak specifically for the 1050Ti but I’ve a 1060 6Gb and it works like a charm from the start. Just be sure to start the iso choosing the Nvidia option if you need propretary driver and you have nothing else to do to get started (all possible tweak are explained in a different thread but I’ll suggest you to try without and see if works for you).
Here i don’t have a single problem anyway.


No idea on Nvidia. I avoid that like Microsoft or Google.

Welcome to Endeavour!


Hi, welcome to the forum.

Proprietary Nvidia drivers from the Arch repos are currently version 470.63.01, so if your card supports them, it will work excellently. If it doesn’t, there are older drivers in the AUR, but you’ll have some struggles with every major kernel update.

Anyway, for your next GPU, I wholeheartedly recommend AMD.


Welcome to the forum @ravenous_twinky :partying_face: :tada: :balloon: :enos_flag:

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Welcome … :rocketa_purple: :vulcan_salute:

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Is this a laptop with hybrid or just nvidia? As someone said above you can run eos with the nvidia graphics driver.

Concerning hybrid graphics, little rant:


it is the same pain on any distro. I tried pop, ubuntu, fedora, manjaro, etc in the past, it can work but also stop working after a while. Most people use optimus manager to switch graphics. I am using now either open source drivers or only nvidia. As @Kresimir said, for me no more nvidia in the future, only intel and amd. What a mess, I literally dislike nvidia, forover​:pleading_face:


Hi and welcome!

There is a support page explaining how to install Nvidia drivers on EndeavourOS here.

Personal anecdote: running EOS with a 1080 card for over a year now with essentially no problems. I think you’ll be happy with EOS, the community here is extremely welcoming should you ever need help, and it is an excellent OS to start exploring Arch with.


Welcome @ravenous_twinky
Nvidia support is good on EndeavourOS. If you have a laptop that is hybrid graphics it sometimes can be a little more challenging. If you need any help just ask. PopOS does have a great set up for Nvidia and Hybrid graphics built in. No doubt about that.


Welcome! :smiley:

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Hi @ravenous_twinky !

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yeah actually I was asking about those issues.

As I said I am used to PopOS hybrid graphics.
and also Im used to debian stability + Pop out of the box functions without any hassles.

but after one year of linux babysteps I am hopefully ready to join the big tables and make babysteps towards arch. :slight_smile:

I am positive about it since I am, almost overwhelmed of this community. glad that I joined.

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1060 sounds close enough thank you. :slight_smile:

yeah, If I only knew where my pc journey were heading when I bought my pc.^^

Well I can tell you that you wont have any stability issues as long as you dont go out of your way to break things or make it unstable lol

as for hybrid graphics Im really not sure, to my knowledge its fine and as long as you follow instructions youll be good. https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/NVIDIA_Optimus

The only major difference is going to be the package management and release model. Arch/EOS is linux just like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc. and is no less stable if you take the time to read, ask questions, and know what your doing. This rule applies to any distro and people make Arch seem more complicated and “Elite Haxor” than it is.

Welcome, Enjoy your stay, and if you break something itll be fine lol



As a new user you will probably be doing alot of experimenting. Highly recommend research BTRFS and snapper or timeshift for instant snapshots and restore!

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Welcome to EndeavourOS! Enjoy your time here!