Hello again! Why did I ever leave?

Because i can … :rofl:

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Never expected such a perfect answer that sounds logical as well :+1:

This is another reason (you just made me have 1001 reasons) why I am not using windoze… because I can!

Maybe … because i can’t want to!


Welcome back into the violett Space.


I don’t really leave. I have several partitions open to try out other distros from time to time. I might not use EndeavourOS every day, but always come back home. As long as I can stay Snap free I will never leave.

I can’t imagine why. My distro-hopping days ended when I found :enos:
Welcome back :wave:

This is the “default”.
I have been distrohopping for almost a year. Tried almost every distro/distrobased out there includind DEBs, RPMs, Gentoo, Slackware, BSD…. And a few Arch based.
The most I felt most comfortable with were the Arch based.

Within the Arch based I found only EndeavourOS to be the best, best distro, and best community.

For me I consider EndeavourOS to be the “default” Linux. Linux = EndeavourOS.


Me too, although that grub thing gave me a scare when I saw we are relying on Arch who let such a simple but critical package through without fully testing it. :enos: is by far the best Arch based distro.

Same reason I won’t leave this community. Having a good distro is one thing, they can all be learned and mastered eventually, even dare I say, Gentoo.
But building a great community is not so easy. It takes unity of purpose from the founders. It takes commitment, it takes a different approach than what has sadly become the norm “RTFM and when you finish RTFM again”, and [N00bie] don’t waste my time, attitude.
That is what the other distros are slowly coming to realize, its a two pronged approarch: great distro and great community building skills. :enos_flag: has both.

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Nice to see you. :slight_smile:

Yes! I always say this is a fatal mistake (though I know some will be angry with me) but I do not blame anybody because I honestly don’t know who to blame!
My final word, it is open source any way, that is somebody while trying to help you accidentally broke something. Definitely he was trying to help you.
Anyway, I ended up converting to systemd-boot just to be on the safe side.
I am loving EndeavourOS as it is a rolling release and I prefer to just install only one time!

I don’t see any rational person leaves such a wonderful community.

Ouch… you just touched it!
I had a post in the jokes thread here, it was a copy/paste (with some little editing) of a conversation on another forum.
While the conversation was going on it made me so nervous, but now it is the funniest ever joke in my whole life (here is the link, I hope you enjoy). This was the reason no. 1001 I ditched this other distro!

Everything is wonderful here, as a distro, and as a community!
I am enjoying every moment of using my laptop and of reading here.
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: