Headphone volume too loud

Hello. I am using a Hyperx USB sound card attached to Hyperx cloud II headphones. The issue is that the volume for all applications is incredibly too loud. I have the system volume set at 5% and still have to turn down the volume of applications. I tried taking a look at my Alsamixer settings but decreasing those settings didn’t seem to effect the volume at all. Any way to reduce the max system volume so it bearable or any other solutions?

Did you adjust the inline volume controls on the headset?

The volume controls on the sound card do adjust the volume, but it doesnt seem to be separate from the system volume. When hitting the + or - on the sound card it changes the system volume just like if I had gone into the sound settings and changed it on the desktop.

The head set doesn’t have an additional volume control inline in the cable that plugs into the sound card?

It does not. I have another headset that does and that did help with issue, but Hyperx cloud II does not have an additional slider.


When using the Multimedia knob on my keyboard it adjusts the volume slider up and down but does not change the volume itself. If I turn that all the way up I can then adjust volume to a reasonable level with the +/- on the soundcard, but if I keep going down until I am muted and then increase the volume again its very loud again

When I get that, it means I have the wrong controller selected. Click on the panel ‘speaker’, and then the contoller line - it should allow you to choose the correct controller for interaction with the Multimedia keys/rollers. If it is wanted to be a permanent thing - that can be arranged too…

If I click on the speaker and then adjust the volume the +/- button on the soundcard and the media knob control the same slider. Same result when looking at Alsamixer, but only one actually does anything. Unless I misunderstood what you meant by “speaker”

I think he meant the speaker icon.

He did! I think it’s Pulseaudio - and you can get at some settings from the ‘audio mixer’ menu entry there too - but mostly I just switch from HDMI to ‘other’ as appropriate - and default to HDMI so the KVM switches correctly.

Ok. I understood correctly then. Both the media knob on the keyboard and the one on the sound card control the same slider. One has an effect and the other does not

Are they the same controls i guess is what he was getting at? But anyway which one doesn’t have an effect? On my keyboard i have to hit the right FN key and then the multimedia key as the volume up and down also are page up and down.

The keyboard control is a volume knob that adjusts the volume fine when the sound card isn’t plugged in. It does not effect the volume when the sound card is plugged in. It does adjust the volume slider. So I get visual feedback that volume is being adjusted but it isnt actually changing the volume. I can see that its adjusting the same volume from within the KDE speaker icon as well as from within Alsamixer. The soundcard control, which is what the 3.5mm cable is plugged into adjusts the same volume slider as the volume knob on the keyboard. It actually adjusts the volume as well. The issue is that its extremely loud.

What keyboard is it and is it. Also I’m not understanding because you say it’s too loud but which volume contoller because you said once doesn’t change the volume?

Edit: It’s the headphones are too loud?

Roccat vulcan. Cant remember if it is 120 or 121. Yes the headphones are too loud. They are extremely loud even though I only have the system volume at 5%. The keyboard and the soundcard control both modify system volume when adjusted. So if I adjust it directly on the sound card I have 2 choices. Muted or 5% volume which is still really loud. The only way to make it a reasonable volume is to turn the volume to max using the keyboard. Keep in mind this isnt actually changing the volume its only changing where the visual slider is at. So I now have the volume slider turned all the way up. I can then use the soundcard control to turn down the volume. The actual audio. Not just the slider. Because the slider was turned all the way up I can now turn it down more because the volume slider has more room to decrease. I am not sure this makes any sense to you because the issue itself doesnt make a ton of sense

Can you post a picture of you full headset assembly cord and all? Or give exact make and model.

Never mind I found them. Seems the only way to use the volume control on that headset is via a USB adapter. That’s a shame.

I also found them and others complaining they are too loud.
Edit: I see there is volume control buttons also besides the volume knob? What effect do they have?

Now that I look closer. We are not taking about a sound card per say but a usb dongle sound card.

Sound card:

HyperX Amp USB Sound Card


HyperX cloud II

And you are correct. It is a usb dongle. Sorry for any confusion there. That other button just toggles whether the knob controls volume or visual effects

Do you know what firmware version is on it as there was an update. But People are also complaining volume was too low?

I’m talking about the USB Sound Card

I have no idea. I just got it a day ago and plugged it in. So I haven’t done any updates on it. I imagine I would have to boot into Windows to apply that update