Hdmi 2.1+ suck!



I just keep in mind that any next device will have royalty-free DP 2.1+ support.

I know some TVs have USB-C, but I doubt a native USB-C connection between a TV and a device with USB-C ports (without an adapter) can inform me whether it uses the DP or HDMI mechanism?

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DP rocks! :partying_face:


Oh, I see, USB-C 3.1 and thunderbolt USB support DP 1.4 - 2.1 by default, never HDMI.


Good to know!

One caveat - it’s very hard to find quality HDMI cable for 4k-8k / 60+ FPS, that is more than 1 meter, same goes for USB-C…but getting quality Display port that won’t be glitchy - is much easier.

Not all cables are equal, unfortunately.


Supra cables are a good option thy have up to 15m last I checked(a few years ago) with latest HDMI standards.

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Although i’d still test them hard, it seems that brand is not guarantee here… :joy:

That :clown_face: tripped me on the issue.

Sure but I never had any issue with Supra cables I have several (older ones 2.0 and 2 with 2.1 I think).

I wonder why fibre optic is not built into DP cable with longer distance more than 10m or 100m instead of limited copper?

The fibre optic cable can deal with any longer distance and data transmission speed close to the speed of light.
It may have one disadvantage of being easily damaged, but I have never tried to use it.

Go fix it then rather than leaving it as garbage recycle it