Harddrive mounting issues

I’ve gotten a new hard drive I followed this guide: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/storage-and-partitions/how-to-permanently-mount-external-internal-drives-in-linux/2022/02/
Evidently I’ve done something wrong and I don’t know what which is annoying as I’ve mounted a drive before but retain zero recollection much to my dismay. Alternatively is there a way to just set up the drives to auto mount themselves whenever I add them as that would be extremely helpful for the future.
Thanks in advance
Edit: I found the outstation the guide states this: sudo chown -R : /mnt/

Whereas entering this instead: sudo chown -R /mnt/

The whole user group thing just confused maybe my way is wrong but works for me so… But thanks for the responses.

I don’t know how it can be explained any different or better than the wiki? Maybe you didn’t follow it correctly and made a mistake along the way. It happens. :wink:

You could show some info about what you have done already:

cat /etc/fstab > /tmp/info
lsblk -fm >> /tmp/info
cat /tmp/info | eos-sendlog

and show the returned address here.

By the way, is the new hard drive properly formatted?

If it contains nothing worth keeping yet, you can re-partition it (if needed) and reformat the partition(s) with gparted or another similar tool.

There is actually a command for that. It’s called cp :rofl:

Ironically, the intended purpose of cat is not to print or copy files, but to concatenate them. This concatenating power helps us avoid using temporary files:

lsblk -fm | cat /etc/fstab - | eos-sendlog

Yeah, as usual there are many ways of doing stuff.
Yet another is:

eos-sendlog "cat /etc/fstab; lsblk -fm"

Stop abusing cat !111

We love cats over here…


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Thanks for the response but I figured it out view my edit if you are interested

Found the solution removed the user group
sudo chown -R : /mnt/

And that did the trick