Happy Pride Month! Share Your Hyfetch <3

Experienced the June Easter Egg for the first time yesterday :blush: thought it was heartwarming. It inspired me to refresh my colors as a small observance to Pride month.

It took a few random rolls to find something with decent contrast while retaining the flag colors, and I still need to edit my neofetch config to match, but here’s my current output on Endeavour :transgender_flag:


@BendTheKnee Thanks for showing your true nature.


For whatever reason would you want to start a flame war, @BendTheKnee ? It’s high time we learn to respect other people’s personal choices as long as they pose no harm to other people, right? :ok_hand:


nah. let him be nauseous. To know my existence causes that much suffering is catharsis in itself :relieved: I’ll continue being gay after the nausea fit subsides, and can only hope the cycle perpetuates



Sounds like really sound advice. We should learn to be respectful of other people’s choices - even if they disagree with you - as long as they pose no harm to other people, right?

I mean, you wouldn’t want to be caught and called out not doing the exact same thing thing you specifically called out someone else for not doing or anything. That wouldn’t look good on you, that’s for sure. . . :wink:

Just think about it for a minute, eh? No dogma please. It’s my greatest worry for the world, and it’s so common most people don’t even realize it’s happening.


Nah I just think it’s disgusting that’s all. You know free speech and all that stuff.


Sorry mate, but being insulting, rude & disrespectful should not find a “cover” under “free speech”. Free speech can be deadly if there is no respect.

  • No hard feelings, I totally respect you (as long as you respect me, that is).

We don’t really know what he finds disgusting, people are making a lot of assumptions. Tbh I always thought the color design on that flag and a couple others like it is disgusting enough to warrant that reaction for some. Whoever designed this really had bad sense for colors. Maybe there’s some symbolic meaning going over my head but i just see colors that for me don’t work well together, it’s like some of these damn things (including this one) were actually purposefully designed to get that kind of reaction out of people.

Maybe he is just disgusted by insertion of politics into a thing :person_shrugging: i mean a lot of people (me included) find it worthy of criticism that there’s pride month but no month for heterosexuals, it’s a little similar to black history month ain’t it? You know, the one morgan freeman really didn’t like, for legitimately good reasons.

But insertion of politics into the open source software sphere has become quite the huge problem imo, one program specifically designed for it is not an issue, it’s the major projects that are using such politics as an excuse to exclude legitimately good devs from contributing, or just driving them away by principle because they don’t lean the same way politically as that project’s maintainers.

E.g. why do those people get a month but not those other people? It’s kinda dumb isn’t it? Well I sure think it is.

Criticizing the most heavily propagandized politics has somehow become synonymous with hate speech. Pretty crazy clown world. :clown_face:

But you know, hyfetch was apparently specifically made for people who like this stuff, i wouldn’t use it but i don’t really see a problem with it existing or anything, power to those who like it using what they like and all that. This too is what open source is all about, choice. I don’t know why people are just expected to like this by default, more than any other thing. I don’t like gnome and nobody calls that hate speech.


This is a public but moderated forum.

There is no real expectation of free speech here, as free speech is all about government intervention/punishment.

And I feel, as it is ok to use emoji to express you like something, people should not be offended by the pure expression that someone does not like something, by using a emoji.

But I much rather have no explanation what causes the dislike or what it extends to on a thread like this one.

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Because “those other people”, perhaps white, male, heterosexual, west European / north American have had the hegemony over political, economical, cultural and social life for centuries, hegemony over propaganda and controlling the narrative? Is it dumb that “those other people” don’t get a month? Well, I sure think it isn’t. They have already the whole of the year.


Do they really? I disagree :person_shrugging:, in the modern day western world, as in right now, today, the greatest victims of racism are caucasians, the greatest victims of sexism are males.

People seem to be acting on concepts called ‘reverse racism’ and ‘reverse sexism’, or just ‘reverse discrimination’. It’s basically just racism towards white people and sexism towards men. And this seems to be pretty much the leading political ideology in the majority of european union countries and in north america.

I don’t think there should be a white month or a heterosexual month, i also think there shouldn’t be a pride month for the same reason.

This nonsense only breeds more discrimination, always has and always will. Treating certain people as more special than other people is after all the definition of discrimination, is it not?


That was put to bed a long time ago. Freedom of opinion is only tolerated as long as it conforms to mainstream opinion. Come on, everyone, report me!


Different opinions are okay, so long as they’re different in the same way :notes:

(If you didn’t get that reference, here, a delisted video)


Pride should be reserved for something one accomplishes and not ones choice. There is to much pride if you ask me. Pride goes before the fall. Never forget Proverbs.


Fair enough to find something disgusting. I don’t like it when couples of any sexuality kiss in public, for instance. Does that mean I should exclaim to them “stop doing this” or complain to the friend next to me about people that do it? Does it really hurt you that much that you would say this publicly?

I don’t really agree with OP either, honestly. I don’t believe there’s a need for this month anymore. As long as you aren’t a d*ckhead, you can be whatever sexuality you want in my book. Just don’t let it be your only personality trait. Anything more to dissect is up to you and whoever else wants to spend time discussing this. For me, it’s a clear cut “don’t be an annoying prick and you’re more than okay”.


Unfortunately, there is an unmistakable worldwide trend to turn this “thing” into a new religion. It’s nobody’s business what a person’s disposition is and what they do in their bedroom at home. Why does it have to be brought out into the open like this? And exactly at this point: :face_vomiting:

And it doesn’t matter if you feel like a woman today and a streetcar or a fridge tomorrow!

Yes. I think so.

I’m sure most of the white, male, heterosexual, European / north American, who see their hegemony being challenged by the minorities hitherto being oppressed and now being vocal in vindicating their rights agree with your statement.

I don’t.

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Good to know, your stance on an imaginary opposition.

Even if the people in power were white, male, EU/NA. That does not mean that being white, male, EU/NA is sufficient for acquiring power and influence.
And about the heterosexual part… I guess you mean to say “those people” pretended to be heterosexual. We know (and people of the time knew) that many of them were not.

There is no good reason to have a pride month for anyone. But that said there is no reason to restrict a community to call a month that and celebrate, as long as they don’t feel entitled to any special treatment.

The OP did not demand anyone to participate, or even recognize pride month.
They just stated that they are happy about it and shared what they made out of that feeling.

Nothing wrong about that, and certainly no reason to start a big political issue about.

I agree with you. I don’t really care either what sexuality you are. Keep it to yourself and people close enough for you.

As for trans people, be whatever you want, but please don’t change your pronouns on a daily basis. Again, it all ties to not being an annoying prick.

And about the worldwide trend thing, I don’t know man. I can’t comment. I honestly don’t bother with it because it ain’t my thing and just because corps and media push it doesn’t mean I can’t form my own opinion on it. As long as it is educated from some credible sources and it follows some common sensibilities, I doubt many would complain and the ones that do likely just consume and not think.