Guide to switch from systemd-boot to grub?

Does an official guide exist to switch a running system over to Grub? If not that’s okay, I’m comfortable doing the work, but my searching through the forum / Google has turned up the question being asked but not a guide to do it. Let me know if that would be helpful - I really like Endeavour.

In case you’re wondering why… There’s nothing wrong w/ systemd-boot except that the docs are so lacking and I’m already comfortable w/ the other one. How would you add NetBSD or Plan9 to systemd-boot menu?

Search on here, I remember a thread about it by @dalto, will have a look now.

hey thanks for the response. I saw that one but maybe I didn’t read through to the end. Will look again.

yeah, I didn’t miss anything from that thread. There’s no clear path to swapping them in that thread.

that’s fine. I can follow what @dalto is saying. will reply back w/ results.

As long as they are EFI, you can chainload them trivially.

You add entries. The config is literally just the name and the path to the efi like this:

title  NetBSD
efi     /path/to/efi