GUI session locks up when trying to launch Moonlight (game streaming)

Hello all,

I have recently switched to EndeavourOS and am trying to use it to run a QEMU Virtual Machine that I can use Moonlight on to stream games from my Windows gaming computer.

I have another thread here about the issues I’ve had trying to install the proprietary drivers for my GTX 650 TI that I’m trying to pass through to the machine. It’s an old card I know, but since I will not be running games on this machine, it should be more than powerful enough for just decoding them with Moonlight. Anyway, I gave up on the proprietary drivers for now and went back to trying to get Nouveau to work.

When I set up the system fresh, and tried to run Moonlight using the default Nouveau drivers I get a warning that it can’t find a hardware accelerated decoder to use. With some research online I managed to get hardware acceleration working by the following commands. This is based on research from the Arch wiki

  • sudo pacman -S libva-mesa-driver mesa-vdpau
  • yay -S nouveau-fw
  • sudo pacman -S libva-utils
  • vainfo (to check for acceleration features working)

After this process and a reboot, now Moonlight doesn’t give the error about no hardware accelerated decoder anymore. But now I have a new problem. Moonlight takes FOREVER to start up. Then when it finally does, after I click my PC to connect, it takes FOREVER to get it to the App List. And after I try to click an app to start, it takes FOREVER and never actually does get successfully connected in my attempts.

While it is very slowly thinking away, the rest of my GUI session is basically locked up and eventually I end up having to reboot the system to get back to a working state. I can SSH in just fine though and things are snappy and according to htop, CPU and memory usage are low. So I have no clue why it bogs the GUI down and eventually just locks it up while taking forever to get any response in Moonlight.

This last attempt, I started Moonlight from the terminal and redirected all the output from it into a file which I’ll attach below in case anything in it will help. Sorry, it’s in ODT format because the forum wouldn’t accept plain TXT.

Probably though, I need to look in some other logs for hints as to why the GUI session gets so bogged down. The problem is I don’t know where to look. Could someone please help me out with where to look for hints to what is going on?

Thank you!
Moonlight_Log.odt (11.8 KB)