GUI file manager on Gnome 42?

I do not want a start a file manager flame war, so I am not posting this in the lounge, as I am interested in what GUI file manager you prefer in the Gnome 42 environment. My Gnome 42 has been a pleasant experience mostly since its release. But I am not at all happy with the minimalist Gnome Files. What were they thinking :upside_down_face:

Gnome Files is a little too cut down for my needs, so I presently use the Nautilus fork, Nemo which is pretty good, but I am open to suggestions.

My main gripe is not about Nemo, it’s that my present cloud storage provider Mega no longer supports integration in Nautilus, so I cannot sync files from inside Nemo, and that would save me a lot of time.

So what GUI file manager are you using on Gnome 42?

I use whatever comes with gnome.

I always also keep mc and pcmanfm on all my installs as well. Those never get old to me.


Have used Nautilus for the entire time I’ve used gnome. I don’t see a reason to use anything else.

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My requirements for a fle manager are pretty minimalistic: copy&paste and open and delete files. Thats basically it. What are you missing from Nautilus that Nemo has? It would help to know your requirements if you want recommendations for alternative file managers.

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Yeah for command line I like them too.

Open terminal as root would be nice.

Not exactly requirements, but like-to-have: right click open terminal as root.
As a side note, I cloned this, thinking it will give me the above.

Thanks for your kind offer @mbod

Nemo has this feature:

From your other thread:

Does it work?

You mean something like this?

pcmanfm is not command line

I think OP wants: “Open as Root”.


I’m a simple user, I don’t need root very often, but when I do I just keep it simple and run:

sudo nautilus


Won’t this fall under the category of “don’ts”:

Never run a GUI application with sudo!

Don’t know :thinking: :sweat_smile:


it also fall under " your system your rule " it good advice no do .


BTW, do you have a wallpaper with this slogan?

no sure . some where i guess.

EDit if have idea msg me

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argh!!! :no_entry:

As put by Emmanuele Bassi, a GNOME developer: "there are no real, substantiated, technological reasons why anybody should run a GUI application as root. By running GUI applications as an admin user you are literally running millions of lines of code that have not been audited properly to run under elevated privileges; you are also running code that will touch files inside your $HOME and may change their ownership on the file system; connect, via IPC, to even more running code, etc.



If you really need the GUI to perform “root” stuff, this is the better way of doing it:

$ nautilus admin:///path/to/some/directory/

Of course after considering the:

Warning: All of the following methods have security implications that users should be aware of.



I would use Files if that function was there. I am quite sure the Gnome devs didn’t cut it down with no plans to integrate like they left it open to do with Nautilus.

Oops. My bad!
It’s midnight Commander as a nostalgia trip to the days of Norton. (NC) :rofl:

That’s good enough for me. We don’t want to be opening millions of lines of code unnecessarily. Thanks @Stagger_Lee

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