Grub destroyed by using fwupd on MY system

Just ran an update with the latest kernel and other packages. It destroyed my grub bootloader and now only boots to UEFI firmware. Not sure what happened as the updates completed without issue. Anyone else seeing this?

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Er… Is this the right title? Is it grub that did the destruction, or pacman?

No it say’s grub was destroyed with the latest updates.

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Ohhhh. I saw Grub destroyed “my” latest updates… :sweat_smile:

Maybe “Latest updates destroyed Grub”? My eyes are the problem, I know. :upside_down_face:

Give it a day or so, grub is in core-testing atm. It just might cause catastrophe! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Not sure why this happened? Where is @pebcak when you need him. This is btrfs with btrfs-assistant and snappersupport. Boots with only one entry to UEFI firmware. I arch-chrooted and it gave me 127 updates. Still boots the same way. I could just reinstall but i’d like to know what happened.

Ya it did! I didn’t notice grub as one of the updates? Just the next kernel.

Are you running testing?

No I’m just running Kde Plasma with btrfs and grub

Then you would not have gotten a grub update, not yet. :wink:

After seeing that there was a grub update at the same time as a kernel update makes me leary to reboot now.

I didn’t see one but it did the updates and booted to one entry in grub which is UEFI firmware only.

Edit: I can arch-chroot and give any info needed.

Grub did not update yet, it just hit the core-testing repo today. It will update soon though.

OK then I should be able to breath easy. Thanks

Two systems on Grub boot with latest kernel all good, no issues.
Two systems on Systemd-boot with latest kernel all good, no issues.
However, I have no systems with btrfs.

Just because this sounds like what happened to me a few weeks back on another system, do you have it set up so that fwupd will do firmware updates through routine upgrades instead of having to manually do it?

Same. It’s too young of a filesystem to trust just yet. Give it another 5 years and maybe I’ll give it a go. :crazy_face:

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No but i did try fwupd yesterday then uninstalled it and turned off the service.

So how far did you try it? Did you actually pass an fwupdmgr update command?

Yes but there were no updates.

Edit: Is that my mistake as i don’t tend to use fwupd. I normally use the tool provided in the firmware.