Graphical glicht with Xfce 4.16

To make the battery icon smaller, open this file in a text editor:


Then add this code:

#xfce4-power-manager-plugin image {
	-gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.75);

Finally, save the file and redraw the panel:

xfce4-panel -r

Edit: It’s possible to transform the other tray icons, as well. For example,

#xfce4-notification-plugin image {
	-gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.85) translateY(3px);
#pulseaudio-button image {
	-gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.9);
#xfce4-power-manager-plugin image {
	-gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.75);

Many thanks but I will replace it with something more my style. :wink:

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It happens here also with with Adapta, Materia or Matcha theme.

Thank you very much, this fixes it in such a graceful way!!

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Thanks, this worked, I had to make this file since it didn’t exist.
(Quite annoying that I wasn’t able to find this solution myself… :roll_eyes:)

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You can alter the button position by turning off DialogsUseHeader in XFCE settings


what would it be for the BT icon?
would be nice to re-setup our XFCE4 theming to include this enhancements, if you have time join me to do so!


It seems that mileage may vary. My battery icon on Xfce 4.16 is of normal size and i’ve no visual glitches on Thunar. But i do not use Arc Theme, i use Greybird Theme with Adwaita icons.


Visual Glitch exists here with Thunar/xfce 4.16 using Adapta-Maia Theme and Papirus-Maia icons. It is only in Thunar, so not a big deal for me.

Unfortunately, my EndeavourOS computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, so a Bluetooth icon doesn’t appear on my Xfce panel. In particular, I don’t know the name of the Bluetooth icon, so I can’t reference it in a GTK+/CSS selector.

I’m a bit overwhelmed with work and other obligations at the moment, but I did find the time today to write a tutorial that explains the approach I use when I want to resize, reposition or otherwise transform an Xfce panel icon:


Back to topic: What about the graphic glitch? Downgrade Thunar cannot be the only solution.

Has anyone reported it to the Xfce devs?

how does it work?
I don’t have it installed anymore at the moment, and I don’t have a screenshot of it.

I can’t duplicate the problem so far, so a report from me would be rather useless!

Is that because you got some fancy conkies going on?

I doubt that’s it :grin: The only glitch I have is reverse scaling still. Must be the themes or icon sets messing up for others…

The bug has already been reported here:

You can check for open issues here:

You can create an Xfce Gitlab account here:

Signing in with your new account, you’ll have new-user permissions, which are sufficient to submit a bug report.

Your original post above includes a screenshot. :wink:


From what i just read it’s going to be fixed in the next release if i read this right?


Yes, that’s my interpretation, too.

Fixed for master and 4.16 branch, to be released in 4.16.1 and 4.17.0.

I doesn’t look too bad if you can hide it.