Goodix GXFP5187 fingerprint sensor on Linux?

Good morning
how setup fingerprint i want to use for unlock if possible .
my Laptop model is Huawei Matebook 13
Thank you

Unless something changed recently, there is probably no way you can do that.

Huawei laptops have a reputation for having proprietary fingerprint scanners with drivers only for Windows.

Do you know the exact model of the fingerprint sensor on your laptop?

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For what is worth, Archlinux’ own Wiki has many useful articles covering a wide range of topics. Please consider consulting the Wiki. If your question is not answered it might give you some hints to where to look and what info to provide to the forum in order to get relevant assistance.

Yeah, I would give up at this point.

BTW, I changed the title of this thread to “Goodix GXFP5187 fingerprint sensor on Linux?”


Don’t worry though, it’s not good security anyway…
It’s far better to have very strong password & encrypted disk for that matter.

If criminals or someone serious is onto you - they’ll easily break fingerprinting with very simple Social engineering techniques.

And if government is onto you - they’ll just cut your fingers :upside_down_face:

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It’s not like they are going to care about a fingerprint reader anyway. They just want your data. If it is on an unencrypted disk they will just crack the case remove the drive and access it from another machine.




Yeah, but it’s less poetic…Don’t imply sanity to insane actors :rofl:

by the way when i check on devices i see Goodix Fingerprint Device there, is that mean is have a chance to working or no :grinning:

Yeah, but also:




Didn’t read the above posts. My bad! I see it shows not working according to the chart. :upside_down_face:

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There is a good chance one day the group that is working on hacking a free driver for it will succeed, but when, nobody can tell. They’ve been working on it, on and off, for years, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Unfortunately, hardware manufacturers like Goodix are a bunch of arses. :disappointed:

BTW i just got a new Lenovo Thinkbook that has a fingerprint reader on the power button. It’s meant for logging into Windows as a login security option but i haven’t set it up and probably won’t. If i install EndeavourOS on it i may not bother either. Better off encrypting it instead or not bother with it. I don’t like using the encryption as it takes too long to boot to unlock the key etc. So i don’t use it either. I may try it someday but don’t really care that much about it.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I find fingerprint scanners to be a neat but fairly useless gimmick. Nothing beats a good password – at least They have to torture you to get it, instead of just chopping off your finger. :wink: