Goodbye EndeavourOS ARM

When we started in 2019, we had a close community helping and cheering us on to get EndeavourOS up and running out of the ashes of Antergos.

One of those community members was @Pudge, who enthusiastically joined us initially from the sideline by giving us tips. When the project started, he created a script to make EndeavourOS compatible with the ODROID N2, ODROID XU4 and Raspberry Pi 4 ARM devices.

From Discovery article to official ARM branch

Originally, @Pudge created the scripts to turn them into an article for our, then-Discovery magazine. But after Joe Kamprad had tested the script for ODROID, we persuaded him to join the team and launch it as an official EndeavourOS branch.

Pudge’s enthusiasm grew and in almost five years, EndeavourOS ARM grew steadily with the addition of community member @Sradjoker to our team, the project added support for the PineBook Pro and Raspberry PI 5 and also a Calamares install method as an option, next to the install scripts.

The end of the road

As Linux and DEs went forward on x86_64 devices, the development of ARM devices kept behind. This often became a struggle for Pudge, especially when Sradjoker couldn’t help out as much as before.

EndeavourOS is a project on the side for everyone involved and enthusiasm is key to making it roll forward. With the upstream changes making the gap between ARM and X86_64 bigger, Pudge’s enthusiasm turned into frustration. With no help from the outside and the fact he recently replaced most of his ARM hardware with x86_64, made him decide that he had reached the end of the road for EndeavourOS ARM.

Even though we are saying goodbye to the project with pain in our hearts, we completely understand Pudge’s decision. We thank both @Pudge and @Sradjoker for their enthusiasm and hard efforts in keeping EndeavourOS ARM in orbit for the past four years.

We are still open for anyone who wants to jump in and pick up where EndeavourOS ARM left off. Our ARM GitHub page is still out there.




Even though I never had an ARM device a big thank you to @Pudge and @sradjoker both have done really great work and I know many would have appreciated the efforts that you guys out into it.


Same for me, I have never used an ARM device. But I appreciate the time and effort @Pudge and @sradjoker have put into EndeavourOS ARM, thank you!


I feel the same way as the previous speakers @smokey and @Cphusion. The bottom line is that EndeavourOS will continue to exist in the future. And in this respect, a reduction in the range is to be welcomed.
You don’t have to cast a line into every pond … Thanks to everyone who is working on it and has ever worked on it!


@Pudge how dare you :crazy_face:

All joking aside. We have to thank everyone who is enthusiastically committed to EOS. :enos: :enos_flag: :rocketa_purple:


Yes agreed! But this topic was about EndeavourOS ARM :wink: Of course the same appreciation goes for everyone involved with the EndeavourOS project. Even though I rarely use EndeavourOS, thank your the time you all spend for working on an awesome distribution! :enos: :enos_flag:


Thank You @Pudge & @Sradjoker for all your efforts on Arm. I will continue to use it on my Pi400 until it no longer works or I have an opportunity to refresh it. :wink:


Sad to hear this news, thanks @Pudge and @sradjoker for your support on this.

I never owned a arm device (played a little bit with a esp32) and do not have the developer skills to be able to help (i develop in php, html, javascript and css)

I did had the silent hope the team would ever release a pinePhone image but that would sadly never happen


Yeah, I never thought about owning an ARM pc/laptop. Yet it’s a bit sad, when I see projects stop.

Maybe a bit late to ask, but I’m not familiar with these devices. Are there laptop-style devices that could function like a €300 laptop for a similar price? I mainly use my laptop for work and don’t require much, just the ability to use VS Code in remote mode and connect via RDP to a Windows virtual machine, watch videos, maybe use gnome too. I could see the benefit of an ARM laptop capable of performing these tasks. Are there any such devices available?

Can I do the above mentioned things with Chromebooks without many headaches?

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there was this project I had seen last year. I’ve not tried it so I don’t know how difficult it is to set up.

I did a bit of googling, found stuff like the Lenovo x13s(1000+ euro), it’s too expensive. Saw a few more, but all of them are above 500 euro.

Checked my go to romanian online store, the chromebooks there are above 500…

Looks like ARM laptops are not yet budget friendly. While I can do almost everything with a device priced between 200-300 euro. If I have a desktop pc at home for the heavy lifting.

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There’s Pinebook pro


Looks okay. Anyone here tried it? Also shows out of stock for me…

No, but looks like it’s pretty darn low end of low :clown_face:

Using it with Gnome wouldn’t be wise, if even KDE is…well. :rofl:

hard to get them :wink: and somehow … not really replacements for a real notebook


Indeed, but for 200 $ i have to say it’s miracle it boots. :rofl:


395.00 € as website says

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Oh… :clown_face: flation kicks in! :rofl: