Gnome running smooth on one pc, but slow on other

I’ve recently come to a problem of the interface slowing down, when booting to EOS from my second laptop. The main problem being the apps to take several seconds to open (brave browser, firefox, nautilus, …). The hardware should be able to handle those like nothing (i7 8core, AMD Radeon integrated, 8GB RAM). My DE is Gnome 46.2, Wayland.

I tried to disable gnome extensions (such as Blur My Shell, which could slow down the DE a bit), but the problem persists.

Any idea how to fix it?


Flashdisk USB 3.2, read 400 Mb/s, write 110 Mb/s

For both or for the slow one?

on the slow system do you have SSD or HDD?

is maybe Wayland issue


Na flešce. Čtení 400, zápis 110.

Try making a new user on the slow system. That would allow you test if it is a configuration issue.


GNOME has a significant memory leak. You can track it by checking the memory use of gnome-shell. I believe the only fix with Wayland is re-logging or restarting. With xorg, Alt+F2 > r should work too. It is annoying, but it doesn’t appear to be a priority for them. and sorry for delay

GNOME má významný únik paměti. Můžete to sledovat kontrolou využití paměti gnome-shell. Věřím, že jedinou opravou Waylandu je opětovné přihlášení nebo restart. S xorg by měla fungovat také Alt+F2 > r. Je to nepříjemné, ale nezdá se, že by to pro ně bylo prioritou. a omlouvám se za zpoždění

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my recommendation is to install Xfce or kde

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The problem still persists.

Maybe try monitoring disk usage to see if some process is hammering the disk?

Is that a general statement?

Is it valid for all systems using GNOME?

Probably not.

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i mean gnome take more ram then kde, xfce, mate etc
also gnome devs dont care if there is issue once in while
also it may be a wayland issue

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This is essentially a very different statement than

While the former may be true, the latter is “alternative fact” to put it mildly.

This is a technical forum. The things we say, the recommendations we make, the advice we give, should be well-reasoned, well-researched and based on facts.

Please mean what you write and not write what you mean :wink:

If you are using AI to get your “facts” about a subject, please do verify them with other resources as well before publishing them here on the forum.

i did search it online

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Ram is cheap, so it’s not really a downside since most people don’t run Gnome on lightweight systems or are into hardware preservation and want to use all their ram for work tasks. People that need more ram just add more ram into their system, same goes for storage.


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