Gnome is trying to convincing me

I was planning to migrate from Cinnamon to Plasma, but then I’ve started trying Gnome on VM to see which DE suits better my needings and the first surprise is that Gnome uses less memory on fresh start:

Plasma uses about 120MiB more

Some other things I liked:

  • I still think is the best looking DE, independent of some inconsistencies like bottom corners squared on Terminal window, while others have all corners rounded
  • I realy like the compact view on GUI File Manager, so I’ve installed Nemo and it replaced Nautilus (AKA Files) without further action from my part
  • Quick access to almost anything, for example, pressing Super I can manage windows + virtual desktops and open new apps
  • Gnome Tweaks is already installed

There’s still some thing that I need to figure out before deciding if I go for Plasma or Gnome, for example:

  • Some apps opens faster on Plasma, like Terminal emulator or Calculator
  • Gnome is too minimalistic, there’s only a few options when right click on window title bar, can’t move a window to a specific virtual desktop from here, only left or right
  • There’s no option to cycle virtual desktops, if you’re on #1 and want to go to #4 CTRL + ALT + LEFT won’t work
  • I can’t see which windows are open on current workspace until I press Super
  • Text Editor is slow compared to KWrite or even xed

I can live with other less important stuff that I don’t like:

  • Lack of menus/options to do tasks that are available on other DE’s
  • Need to install more apps to extend functionality and apply other themes (Do I need chromium based browser to manage extensions?)
  • Horrible way to take screenshots
  • It needs 3 clicks to show the shutdown/restart dialog and “Cancel” is the focused button, so additional click is needed (or 2 keystrokes LEFT, Enter

Well, it seems that I need to keep on testing for at least 1 or 2 weeks to make the final decision and avoid becoming a DE hopper.


Not if you turn off Plasma indexing service called baloo, which is good idea for most people anyway…

balooctl disable
balooctl purge
balooctl suspend
balooctl status

Personally I find Gnome to be superficially attractive, but annoying by the 2 week point. All the best with your trial of it.


What he said, try to like, but the frustration just builds and builds.


@keybreak Thanks! Any other Plasma tips :grin:


Well…I do many changes, but that’s the only one that is universal for almost everyone.
Other than that i’d just advice to configure it to your likes, which may take month given amount of options… :upside_down_face:



Gnome just works, but I like Plasma as well.

Wish they could both get together to create a DE lol.


“They” did, it’s called Deepin…
However there’s a little caveat.

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Just install dash to panel extension and you have everything you need :wink: no workflow problem. I also can’t live without tiling because I use tiling wm too. pop-shell is the secret. :shushing_face:



In fact, that’s the first thing I did. I’ve installed some stuff already, but on first fresh start memory was about 620Mib.

No, please! I imagine one team including new features and the other taking them out!

I need to get familiar with extensions and this seems to be a good start point.



I suggest to check this one out:

There doesn’t seem to be any aspect of the desktop navigation which is not covered by this one :wink:

No. You can install this addon on Firefox:

plus this package from AUR:

You would need them on Chromium-based browsers as well.


@keybreak, there are only few differences between both VM’s, but the 2 most important that I can remember are:

  1. On Plasma VM I’ve selected “VboxSVGA” and on Gnome “VMSVGA” (is the only one that works for this)
  2. On Plasma VM disk has some additional partitions (home and other 2 for personal purposes)

I really don’t think these could be the reason for the memory usage, what do you think?

Great! I’ll try it out. Thanks!

It’s good to know that!

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Yeah that can change a lot of outcomes for a VM video, perhaps RAM usage as well…

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Not different at all :frowning:


They have, its called


Lot’s of luck with that :rofl:

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Losing expandable folders in Nautilus 43, has me keeping Nemo in reserve. Although that will entail having to go down a deep rabbit hole to get all the integration I have with Nautilus.

I will be interested to see your final reasons for deciding to go with Gnome :smiling_face:

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Gnome is becoming more and more restrictive i.e. removing more and more features in subsequent releases.

I don’t see any reason to use it.
The reason why I like Linux is the customizability it offers.
But the Gnome devs don’t seem to like that.
So its a difference in philosophy as to why I dislike Gnome


Do you mean this?
Image from my current Cinnamon DE. Edit: Also works on Gnome VM.

I’ve liked that view when I was on Windows, but I’ve already got comfortable with location bar.

I’ll let you know if that would ever happen.

This is the same reason that I’ve just used Gnome only for testing, plus I’ve read that lot of extensions could have issues or not work at all when DE gets updated.

It seems too much for me, there are a lot of options and I don’t understand most of them.

But… I’ve found “Dash to Panel” (suggested by @Zircon34) and I’m loving it, because it brings lot of functionalities that I need and almost take away the “big mobile device” look.

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Yes, expandable folders in the list view are gone in 43 unless we can get enough support to reintroduce it.

The dock is one of the few things I can’t settle on. I switch between Dash to Panel and Dash to Dock depending on what I working on.

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Use ranger :wink: back to the roots, the terminal… Works no matter the DE :innocent:

One feature I currently really like (and think is not implemented in KDE, dolphin) is right click in any folder with the options copy to... and move to...

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