Gnome Console (kgx) stopped working?

My Gnome Console (v.43) stopped working, I noticed this few days ago. I yay-ed my EOS daily so I don’t remember what update that could’ve broke it.

I try to install different “version” (from both AUR and official repo) both seems to be borked. It simply won’t launch.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Try gnome-terminal from Arch’s official repos.

There is no gnome-console in Arch’s repo. Only in AUR.

Oh right, see I Console and Terminal is 2 different terminal right, supposedly Gnome Console is replacing Gnome Terminal in 43, but I’ve been using it since Gnome 42.

Gnome terminal works fine, but strangely enough Gnome console won’t launch anymore after a crash(?) and still does not work even after restarting.

Try launching gnome-console from gnome-terminal and see if the output will give some clues.

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Good idea!

If it’s the same of the problem I had with gnome text editor from AUR, I had to rebuild it because of a change in the icu library.

Please keep in mind that gnome text editor has been removed from AUR because it’s going to become an official package… maybe it’s the same with gnome console…

gnome-console is going from the AUR and will be added to the official Arch repos once it’s done being in the current testing repos stage, which will probably be updated and released soon(tm*) along with the rest of Gnome 43. This also applies to gnome-text-editor as well going from the AUR to the official Arch repos. Great to see some “new” Gnome apps being adopted into the Arch repos. Tho for terminals I’d still rather recommend something with a bit of extra bells and whistle like Tilix (gtk3) or Black Box (gtk4).

The thing I didn’t like is that they removed such packages from Arch before they are available from the stable repository

They are available in Testing.
Will get to Stable soon-ish I guess with the rest of the GNOME.

Testing is not stable… if I understand correctly switching to testing might mess up the whole system…

It might or not.
I have switched to testing to upgrade to GNOME 43 and my system is as stable as it was before.

Sometimes I even install a single particular application from Testing (like Firefox, Chromium etc.)
So far I haven’t been hit by any issues.

I guess if you go for a single application from Testing, it might cause some issues depending on what dependencies it needs and if they will play well with the rest of the “Stable” system.

In any case, it’s a risky operation… why removing from AUR if it’s not in stable yet? I don’t understand such choices… what harm would the AUR package do in the meantime?

I guess it has to do with some “policy”.
If a package is available in any of the Arch’s repos, Stable or otherwise, it will be removed from AUR.
If the “policy” make sense or not, that’s another question.


Or I might have gotten it wrong?

There are still the -git and -bin of gnome-console in AUR:

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In fact, I was criticizing such a policy. It’s not even a decision of the AUR package maintainer…

No it’s a decision of the Arch’s maintainers/developers.
I don’t think AUR maintainers have any saying in this.

Remeber, AUR is not even officially supported by Arch:

Warning: AUR packages are user-produced content. These PKGBUILDs are completely unofficial and have not been thoroughly vetted. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk.

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Did you look at this Gnome 43 Bugs
I am very happy with Console 43, especially the minimalist approach where it gets out of your way to let you get to work without distractions.
Try this sudo pacman -S gnome-console