Gnome Archive Manager Issue Drag n Drop

Hello All, I’m new here. :clap:
So I’ve installed GNOME and I got issue when extract files by drag n drop, it does not extract, like nothing happen.
Yeah I can live without that, but it’s annoying.

Any ideas how to fixed that?

What are you dropping it onto? Nautilus? Caja? PCManFM?

Are you running a Wayland or Xorg session? If Wayland, did you install the correct portal package (xdg-desktop-portal-gnome) to allow cross-application communication?

If this is about Archive Manager, that is, file-roller, I can’t replicate the issue. Drag and drop works fine and I can extract the archived file.

I’ve fresh installed and i just check GNOME box from installation so it’s nautilus.
Everything default and I just check its running on Wayland.

I found similar issue, but I don’t know how to fix :grin: