Gnome 41 in the pipeline

Hi Gnomies,
Here comes some goodies for you:



Sitting on the fence here!


I look forward to all the extensions breaking. :wink:


Some fun time ahead. Again!


I’ve installed the GnomeOS image on virtualbox to run 41. I’ve mostly been focused on making sure my Espresso extension will keep working (fortunately it does! … so far). I am not a heavy user of many of the Gnome apps which is where most of the changes seem to be for 41 - so to me it looks and feels a lot like 40. While the GnomeOS image is interesting to be able get an early look at things, it is also very frustrating in that only the few apps they made available in the Gnome Software application can be easily installed. There isn’t any pacman, yay, yum, dnf, apt, etc … Even just to test my shell extension required that I drop all of the needed files into place by hand.

Out of curiosity I tried two other extensions I like to use, Just Perfection and a version of Dash to Dock (built from a Gnome40 branch from their GitHub site). After manually changing the metadata.json files to add “41” to the listed values Just Perfection also seems to be working fine … Dash to Dock did not fare as well but that one didn’t surprise me.


Thanks for your reply and sharing your experience! It sounds somewhat comforting that most of the things seems to be working for you in 41. I use 4 extensions:

Dash to Panel
Blur My Shell
Custom Hot Corners - Extended

of which the first one matters the most to me for my user experience. The recent update to gnome-shell broke it partially but there was a fix available rather soon afterwards.

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I use over a dozen extensions to get Gnome to feel just right for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I can deal with Gnome 41 breaking most of them, since only a few of them are really deal breakers, but usually within the first month of a release, most get updated quickly enough or sooner.


I tried Dash to Panel and got some errors out of that one too. Both of the Dash to Dock and Dash to Panel extensions failed with basically the same message complaining about an undefined attribute of the overall AppDisplay item. I don’t know if this means there is a missing component not included in the GnomeOS snapshot or if this indicates some underlying change to the object model. We’ll just have to wait and see how big of a deal this is for those extensions as we get closing to the ‘real’ Gnome 41

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Thanks for the testing @MrToddarama ! When you mentioned before that Dash to Dock had stopped working, I suspected that Dash to Panel also would take a hit. Your test confirms my suspicion. Unfortunately. Let’s wait and see how hard they will be hit when 41 will be finally released. Same same thing every six month :sweat_smile:

You are truly on a Gnome - Extended Version. Wish you all the best with 41 :sweat_smile:

Well I got till Sept 22nd when Gnome 41 gets released, so I still got about a good month to enjoy things in perfect harmony :smiley:

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I just use KDE the way it is. I don’t need 41 extensions. :rofl:


LOL, they just fixed 'em.


This is probably the only real reason I don’t use GNOME. I really like GNOME 40 - especially with the gestures on a small 14" laptop. I really think it’s properly good.

There you go, and only 5 months of minor bugs after that. Everything will be working just in time for the process to fall apart again! Hurray!

I know many will disagree with me but if extensions are an important part of your workflow, using gnome on a static distro provides a smoother experience.

I have been testing PopOS on my laptop and the gnome experience there is great. Of course, they won’t be getting gnome 40 for several more months so we will see what happens then but I would bet that the experience will be smoother by then.


Too bad the Gnome devs insist on ‘fixing’ things that aren’t broken. I used Gnome for years (until Unity improved on things) - and even some since (first Arch install for instance) - but CSD and its illogic killed that… 25 years of OK etc at the bottom right is too much to rewire! :grin: (same with close/min/max on right, but that’s usually recoverable)…

I don’t disagree with this at all. It is probably the most sound and logical advise given re Gnome. Allows the extension developers time to play catch up. :timer_clock:

I think the best news one can take from 41 is the code cleanup, and performance boost enchantments. :mage:


So as I keep messing with G41.beta on the GnomeOS image, I can see at least one change the Gnome devs have made to the ui model changing the class name of the Application Menu from AppIconMenu to AppMenu. This will likely break most of the extensions designed to replace the applications menu or to provide a dock - for example ‘Dash to Dock’ or ‘Dash to Panel’. Fortunately for at least these two extensions it’s a very minor change to get them partially working as you will see in the screen shot below. Adding and removing favorites is a little wonky, so I am sure there will be some more complicated changes needed to get back to full functionality.


Interesting to read about the result of your testing of Gnome 41. Thanks for sharing!

It’s things like this where I can understand why people who use MATE or LXDE or something that never changes.