GIMP: MimeType overkill (the journey continues)

First I reported this bug to Gnome, where people kindly explained that this is a distro problem:

Then I went to Arch, where I got told not so kindly that it’s an EndeavourOS problem (even tho it’s their package and it happens across Arch-based distros, but whatever):

So here I go again:

### Environment/Versions

### Description of the bug

Every time I upgrade GIMP with pacman, it is set as default for a wide range of MimeTypes - mostly image files but also a bunch of other stuff.

I’ve had this problem for years and over several Linux OS installs. This behavior is absolutely nonsensical. The default file association for normal image files should be viewers, not editors. It’s very inconvenient to have to manually fix file associations for so many filetypes after every upgrade.

Apparently this has been a problem since 2010:

### Reproduction

Every time.

Reproduction steps:

1: Install GIMP on Linux (e.g. $ pacman -S gimp).

2: Open jpg, bmp, etc. with default app.

Expected result:

The file is opened with Gwenview, the KDE default image viewer.

Actual result:

The file is opened with GIMP, which takes too long to load and isn’t designed for viewing.

Since this is an Arch package, if it is a packaging issue, it will need to be fixed by the packagers. Unfortunately, as you found, Arch will only support people who are running Arch(which seems fair). If you want to report a bug to Arch, you need to reproduce it on an Arch install first.

Some people keep an Arch install in a VM for this purpose.


And also absolutely ridiculous, given nature of EndeavourOS… :woozy_face:


I have mixed feelings on it. On the one hand, I get what you are saying, this clearly isn’t an issue with EOS. On the other hand, think of it from the perspective on the other side. They can’t be expected to troubleshoot every Arch derivative to determine what is and isn’t an issue with Arch vs a downstream issue. Further, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to request that you reproduce the issue in an Arch install before asking them to triage it.


Well…One can remove few EnOS packages, repo and gpg key just to prove a point :rofl:
But at that point one would need to wear a heavy :clown_face: make up and make some HONK noises :joy:

And you’re right, they doesn’t need to know what is going on in Arch based distros, but they clearly know about EnOS :laughing:

Right @jonathon ?
They just want people to suffer. :japanese_ogre:

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I get what you’re saying, but not wanting to do a manual Arch install is exactly why I’m using EOS.

Guess I’ll have to do it tho. Not that I have a lot of disk space to spare. Oh well.

Wait. There are a number of vanilla Arch users around who can try to replicate the issue. If so, they can add to the bug report (or request it to be re-opened, etc.).


Welcome to the forum!


fortunatly I don’t have this problem using Arch Linux with gnome or other gtk based DEs everything opens as it should perhaps its a KDE or gwenview problem


That might be because your home directory has a mimeinfo cache which is supposed to override system-wide definitions (if my knowledge is correct) This command will list the entries that are specific to your user.

cat ~/.local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache

This command will show the mimetypes that gimp gets after installation. :point_down:t5:

cat /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache | grep gimp

Edit: Even I’m unable to reproduce the problem OP described. Although I do see that the system mimeinfo cache is polluted with gimp entries.

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Well I just reproduced it in a fresh Arch VM with xdg-open, so it’s definitely Arch’s fault.

Gonna file a new report.

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I wouldn’t be so fast on that. Just did a fresh metal Arch install and included gimp in the process. Opened an .jpeg image via double click and it opens in gwenview.


No need to file a new one, just request re-opening of the old one.

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Interestingly, I have run into this on XFCE as well - but merely selecting something ONCE as an alternative (on right-click menu) re-orders the default setting for you… They open in nomacs now. Similar things happen with text files - and they now default to featherpad (on my system) without going digging in mime-type editors. I wonder if it is the order of things being ‘registered’ with the mime system that matters?

Well it’s a different installation of (technically) a different distro with a different desktop environment, so that information in the old report no longer applies.

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But was Gimp installed after Gwenview? If yes, could you try xdg-open and see what it does?

Is that the correct file name? There is no arch package named xdg-open. There is an xdgopen-file in the AUR.

It is part of xdg-utils. Are you sure you don’t have it installed already?


It’s there I have never had to tinker with it.

I cannot reproduce this on EndeavourOS KDE Plasma.

I have both GIMP and Gwenview installed, and Gwenview opens images by default. GIMP only opens its native XCF files.


That’s a useless use of cat (UUOC).

A demoggified version:

grep gimp /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache