GIMP Alternatives?

It’s doing my head in, I hate GIMP. Hotkeys don’t make sense, certain tools behave very unusually and the goddamn bugs… Layer boundries reappearing, applying the same filter again occasionally resets it to defaults, selections breaking entirely, WHY SIMPLY SELECTING A PORTION OF A TEXT TURNS EVERYTHING GREEK?? – IT’S NOT EVEN THE SAME FONT FAMILY.

I don’t do much with vectors, Inkscape works fine for that. I just need something for raster graphics that has enough “Photoshop” features to do basic to medium projects, ideally Gif support too, though not necessary.

Try Krita. It has an interface much more similar to Photoshop. It is mostly designed for painting and drawing, and not so much for photo editing, but it is good enough for that, too, for, as you say, simple and medium projects. Its layer system is almost identical to Photoshop’s, it even has adjustment layers.


All dependencies starting with k (kitemviews, kil8n, kconfig, etc.) fail to download. Both, repo and AUR Krita call for 5.73 of them, but repos host 5.74. Tad lost on what to do.

There is an update . Use sudo pacman -Syu krita . That’s all !


Fully update your system, reboot (just in case), and then install the version from the repos.

Everything should work fine, just tested it.

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Oh goddamn it, I’m an idiot, I mostly update once a week or if I need something. Never clocks in that I probably should before installing packages.

Gonna try it out tonight. More suggestions for programs are very welcome of course!


I would say either pinta or fotoxx or also viable options.

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Same feeling here, lol, so I too recommend Krita, and, to avoid needing to install all the k stuff, there’s the latest main stable release, 4.3, in appimage form:

There’s also 2 development versions: stable and nightly …

I’m running Mate, not KDE, and it runs fine independent of the k stuff. I don’t need to install any extra programs, just make it executable, then Edit Menu to add it (although that’s broken at the moment, lol … cue the Aur’s Arronax, to make shortcuts for the desktop)


Looks really interesting. Not particularly for my purposes, but something to play around with for sure. The two videos linked in the website show cool, artsy stuff and good clean up. Thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

I honestly just forget the simplest things often, had to do a quick update first. :sweat_smile:

Was gonna go grab that at first, but instead decided to make a fool out of myself by asking.

It does look like it has a large community and good development. Though that’s not as useful for me, since it’s focused on digital art and I mostly need image manipulation, shapes, texts and filers. Their animation tools look really cool to me, so I’m looking forward to try that out.


Lol, no worries. Was able to post the extra 2 links for development versions too, so that could be useful to people. Yes, there’s a community at and people still post on the main kde forum too, and development-wise something’s always happening. You’re right that it’s painting-focussed, but sometimes I just use it to resize the pixels of an image … the thought of going into Gimp for the same, and the awkward exporting, is a big no, lol. Not sure what to recommend for shapes, texts, fliers; might be worth looking at WineHQ, to see which dtp programmes can run well? Have fun with the animation! :partying_face:


I just looked up best linux dtp software, and Scribus has come up. Something I’ve never looked at, but here’s their page: and some info:

The program is packed with professional features - CMYK and spot colours, ICC colour management, direct editing of vector drawings, extensive PDF support and more - and provides everything you need to produce flyers, brochures, newspapers, books and more.

All this power does take quite some time to master, though, and while the developers have tried to help (and there is plenty of documentation to point you in the right direction) you’ll need to be patient: the sheer volume of features means there’s still a significant learning curve.

There’s a wiki with loads of information in it … … and probably plenty of free tutorials on youtube, e.g. … and, just to add the youtube link incase invidious has a hiccup …


If you’ll still for some reason need Photoshop CC, although obviously it’s best to try avoid it, i can help running it on Wine fully working with GPU acceleration (OpenCL for Nvidia) and all that jazz :wink:


I’m aware of Scribus, it’s often recommended for its intended purpose. Though making making memes, posters, informational images, etc. would be difficult I think. As I recall, I watched a video on how it worked and it’s super streamlined on making magazines and anything on print, making the process look fun even. Plenty of templates, tools, shortcuts and all for that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking about it :pirate_flag:

I’m still salty about them revoking my CS5 license out of the blue back in the day, vaguely hinting that the software is “outdated” and that I should switch entirely to CC in an email they sent me.

A lot of people got similar bs trouble with CS6 too when they really started pushing CC.

It’s beyond me seeing businesses paying well over 10k yearly for a subscription, even when they employ their own solutions to manage storage and collaboration and such.


Yes, it does look quite a big undertaking to learn and use it, although it looks like it does what it does very well indeed. I still think at a squeak you could do memes, posters, informational images in Krita (possibly sometimes issues with text?), but actually Abiword or Libreoffice could do those things … I’ve never used e.g. Abiword for actual dtp, but easy enough to add an image, change the page colour, add text, if that was one of the things you wanted to do. That’s my limited experience of that; haven’t tried putting text over an image … brb


Gonna try out both Krita and Pinta when I get the need to use em. Krita might just do it with some tinkering, though I’m also curious about Pinta despite it being overly simplified. It’s just a matter of trial and error I guess to see what works for me. I’m grateful for the suggestions and conversations going on here, though. :blush:

Honestly, text-wise anything is better than selecting one line out of four and having the entire block of text turn to Greek. Nothing wrong with the Greek language, I just don’t speak it. :grimacing:

Needed to do a little image yesterday, what should’ve been 20-30 minutes turned into 3 hours.

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Sounds like a good plan, and, yes, Gimp may well have great features, but unfortunately isn’t very accessible or intuitive.

What I could do so far in Abiword … sorry if the images come out large, but scaling them down fuzzed up all the words.

abiword text box

result so far

No idea what the big stick to the right is though, lol (isn’t the cursor).


Sorry to but in, but would you happen to know if it’s possible to get Adobe Illustrator running through wine?
Tried looking it up through Lutris, but only found Photoshop…
I use Illustrator for professional purposes, and sadly it’s the only reason that I still have a separate Windows SSD

Well i can run Illustrator CS6 and it crashes sometimes and some functions may = crash too…
Illustrator CC have some serious bugs with UI it’s impossible to use at the moment, but i constantly monitor it :frowning:

Whatever i can do to help you kill that crap - you ask.
I can do Photsohop CC (fully wroking) and Illustrator CS6 (usable, but…as you see above)