Ghostwire Tokyo wont work

I am on a fresh install of EndeavourOS, with linux tkg kernel, and cant launch Ghostwire Tokyo at all.

I’ve tried both proton GE and proton Experimental but neither seems to help. Interestingly enough it ran on a Fedora install.

The game launches into the unreal engine logo and halts to 1fps (as seen in mangohud) and then freezes. Setting - dx11 in steam options lets me access the menu but I cannot load into the game; am stuck at around 20% loading endlessly.

I am new to linux, if it matters. And here’s my laptop specs:

Ryzen 5600h
RX 5500M
16GB ram

Same here, it’s very fresh, i guess we should wait a bit for new GE or TKG :man_shrugging:
On latest GE i’ve managed to get to first cut-scene, but then nothing happens.

Which wine / proton version it had?

Proton Experimental