Getting the itch to install Gnome again

The i3 version on eos is great. I think that’s what i would go to if i ever decided to try using a wm on a daily basis. It’s set up to work nice.

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Yes, I can second that have it on a VM. But I’m kind of looking to make AwesomeWM + EnOS thing customize it to match me.


I agree 100%

I like Budgie. I even like GNOME. The problem i run into is my favorite I’d KDE with a very close second for Cinnamon, so my problem lays that i just like those better. They are all quite good though.


I wish I liked Plasma but still, as I have said before, there is something… off putting to me with Qt’s basic design language be it Plasma or LXqt. The ONLY implentation of Qt that looks good is Deepin, because it doesn’t look like Qt, it looks like GTK+ based design.

I am not even exactly sure what it is, I just fundamentally don’t like it.


The two things that keep me on KDE are KDE connect, krohnkite, and krohnkite.

Bonus is how easy it is to change the key binding for my caps lock key to another meta key.

Otherwise I prefer Cinnamon for most everything else. I LOVE how easy it is in Cinnamon to change the calendar to a Monday start, and I really really like that i can put the time/calendar in the center of the task bar. I wish zentile worked on Cinnamon because I think GS connect works well enough.

Otherwise KDE is all I really need.


AUR is a great asset! There is no Gnome 40 compatible version available on The AUR version you are using is actually a packaged version of the ewlsh-ewlsh/gnome-40 branch from the dock-to-dash github repo. Convenience points for AUR! :slight_smile:


This is trivial to do on KDE:


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I just clicked on every tab in quick settings - I do not have that option anywhere.

Where are you? I have to go through hell to get Monday start on an American time locale.

Right click on the digital clock widget, and choose “Configure Digital Clock…”


That’s unbelievable. Maybe there is too many settings. I’ve looked for that for YEARS.

I went in and had to do all sorts of crazy shit to make it the way it is. I had to edit the locale file and what not. I’ve been doing it for years. It must be a new thing, it was never like that. I’m so happy to see the setting is finally here!!!

Can you show me how to center the calendar on the taskbar like in Cinnamon?


It’s a bit finicky, but you can edit any panel by right clicking on it and choosing “Edit Panel…”

So you can add widgets and spacers to the panel. If you put a spacer in front and behind a widget, it will be centred.

My suggestion: create a new panel to practice, so as not to mess up your existing panels.

Ya. I’ve done that before, it’s a huge pain since it’s never perfectly centered and bothers me. hahaha. I’ve given up and just leave it on the right usually.

But monday start - man, that changes my whole life. That was my biggest knock on KDE. If someone makes an easy way to center the date/time on the taskbar - it will be perfect for me (I know it’s trivial, but it’s something I would love) I love the cinnamon taskbar because of it.

I even went and tried to make 3 separate bars once across the top and centered the one. That didn’t work either.

Iv’e been trying out Budgie this last week (on solus)…I never really clicked with it before, but now it seems great…I see no reason to change :slight_smile:

I would stay on GNOME, but I get microstutters when changing workspaces for some reason

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On a point release distribution, like Ubuntu, I think Gnome works well. I’m just not a fan for something rolling & bleeding edge, like Arch. The core Gnome experience is not enough for most Gnome users, so extensions are required to fill the gaps for these users. As most/all of these aren’t developed by the Gnome team, they’re constantly having to react to what’s happening upstream. Conversely, other desktop environments don’t have this high reliance on 3rd parties to fill the functionality void, so they are less prone to breakage.

Not wishing to be too down on Gnome, I do like it. I’ve used it as my default environment from the release of Gnome 3, up until the release of Gnome 4(0). When Gnome 40 starts to filter down to more point release distros, like Ubuntu (which I have to use at work), I’ll definitely give it another go. It also has some amazing apps. For instance I think Kmail was designed to make you miss Evolution. Gnome Keyring seems to just work, while KWallet requires faffing.

It is just fascinating on this forum how any and all threads about GNOME turns into a support thread for KDE and how wonderful plasma is. :rofl:


I wonder if it’s because the XFCE users don’t need to mention how well it all works :grin: Between the 3 of them, the mainstream is covered…

I never install extensions via because in AUR I do get the updates while I do have to update on my own. Running more then 5 machines in my family with several extensions would turn into a fulltime job to stay updated … :sweat_smile:


I would say that it often is, BUT that it is not enough for Arch users.

Arch (and arch based) users stand out a lot compared with all other distros. Over all Gnome is by FAR the most popular desktop, but among Arch users Plasma is number 1 and more noticeable Xfce is almost equal in users as Gnome, fighting for the number 2 spot. Xfce much further down the list on any other distro except of course the Xfce specific ones like MX and Siduction.

My personal guess is because many Arch users likes to customize, and well… Gnome is not… that. While if you pick Debian, Pop!, Ubuntu, Fedora or Suse you probably just want to work / play games and be done with it.


Not really (anymore). Since the gnome extensions app was introduced, you get notified, when there is an update for an extension and you just need to log out and back in to apply it :wink: