Getting the itch to install Gnome again

Did you just reply to yourself. . . and then (incorrectly spell) tell yourself you don’t like broccoli?

@Scotty_Trees - the beardedgeek has been around for quite sometime, I know you’re abit new, but he’s pretty up to speed on it. He’s neverending between the GNOME/xfce

Speaking of which @Beardedgeek72 - you on xfce still?

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They are (in my presumption) working towards and immutable desktop - Like Fedora Silverfox, or Fedora . . . whatever the hell they call the KDE variant.

Ya i did! It’s easy to do. I keep telling myself. I don’t like broccoli!

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Yeah that’s my issue with it, but for enterprise it makes sense I suppose. Although the definition of enterprising means using your own initiative and coming up with new and imaginative ideas doesn’t it? Pah! :cowboy_hat_face:

I don’t recall all the details, but essentially Gnome devs don’t have the resources/manpower to dedicate to something they don’t see as mission critical. And while I would argue extensions should be integral and not treated as second class citizens, the reality is to fix that issue would require A LOT of serious time, work, and maintenance upkeep, and unfortunately the devs priorities are elsewhere.

Yep resources, time, upkeep etc are always an issue with many open-source things.

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Welcome to literally every project/job ever.

GNOME foundation has more resources than the QT team/KDE devs. They know their market, it’s smart.

Same, especially when they crash your desktop (calendar extension.)

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Back on Xfce already?

I’ve found that installing Gnome isn’t a problem… it’s just trying to USE it that has limitations!

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I’d say give it a try. I use Gnome 40 daily on 2 desktops, a laptop and a 2-in-1 convertible and haven’t had any real issues on any of them. There are a few extensions that aren’t available on Gnome 40 yet that I like to use (ie Dash to Dock) but if you really want them most have G40-compatible versions you can build from their repositories.

I guess I don’t spend enough time “customizing my desktop to my workflow” or something?


I have dash to dock installed on almost every machine in my family. All are running with Gnome 40.3.
No, it is not dash-to-dock from GIT. It is the version from the AUR. Thias one works fine.

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My daughter has found one day a sticker with following text:
“Chocolate is god’s excuse for broccoli”.

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I like looking at broccoli. Its green colour and fractal shape I find very relaxing…

I’m not particularly fond of its taste, though. It’s not horrible, and I’ll eat it if nothing tastier is available, but does it spark joy? Nope.


The problem with Gnome is that it is the most windows-like DE. As in policy, polish and unified design.
At the same time as it is, by far, plasma included, the most modern and polished DE, it is also the most rigid and non-user friendly for new Linux users.

I would LOVE a more modern version of Cinnamon, closer to Gnome 40 in look and feel (but still with Cinnamon’s custom options and workflow).

How is Budgie these days?

Cover it in chocolate?

I’ll take XFCE any day.

I would like to see a revamp of Cinnamon also not radically changed but as you say. I like it a lot.


Xfce has… problems. I am using it right now, but it is rather old, tech wise.
I wish Cinnamon wasn’t starting to feel old, too. I would really like a modern GTK 4 environment with a “Windows 7” workflow. Maybe Pop! is the answer if they get their own DE off the ground?

Well, it’s stable enough for me and I like old stuff (tech-wise). XFCE might not be a complete DE like KDE or Gnome but it’s my cup of tea. If I ever move from XFCE it would be to a wm.

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