Getting the itch to install Gnome again

…Any known issues with Gnome on Arch i need to be aware of? I ran it for a month on Fedora when 40 was released without problems.

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Well, it’s not KDE Plasma… That’s a pretty big issue to me :rofl:


have Gnome on x86 on same install over 1 year and no problems . that all i can say :blush: :vulcan_salute:

EDit… no say same for ARM :pensive:


I do have several EOS installations with Gnome here in my family. Most of the time everything runs fine. The only problem we get from time to time but not for every user is a crash of the extensions at login. After reactivating them it all works fine again. I have not found a reason or extension why it happens.


The only major issue is twice a year things break.

It’s a lot of fun though.

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I’d rather do Cinnamon any day! :innocent:


I’ve been rolling with Gnome on my main desktop for 2 1/2 years or so and haven’t had any issues besides the periodic breakage of extensions and a fumbled upgrade of Pipewire. That one was on me, though.

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Extensions is what puts me off. Vanilla Gnome does not seem to be enough for many people so there are all these extra “bits” to add functionality. Some work and are stable and others are…well. The whole setup reminds me of adding PPA’s to Mint or Ubuntu. It’s not how I like things. There are other desktops that are better but that’s just my opinion. I know the AUR is “adding things” but I prefer that to Gnome extensions or PPA type stuff.

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As much as I hate extensions - I do understand why they do it. I just like making my computer for me, instead of bending my workflow to fit their environment.

It’s a solidly good experience though.


Gnome is solid yes if used simply. The more you customize though the further it gets away from being Gnome and possibly less stable. I love to customize and that is why I use KDE and XFCE and WM’s instead of Gnome. It’s only a guess but I reckon if the Gnome devs had their way they would stop extensions. If that is true then they are turning Gnome into a Windows clone. No thanks. I have tried it btw. :grin:

GNOME is built for enterprise use. They would like to have the same workspace for everyone. Less options means people work more and fiddle less.

Yep, get that. It is good for productivity because it stays out of the way. For a home/consumer DE I don’t like it because the freedom to change it becomes difficult. It’s a user case I guess. If KDE was to be used in an enterprise situation you would have to make damn sure people didn’t go too far down the tweaky road! :laughing:

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Are there currently system breaking issues to be aware of running Gnome on EndeavourOS? Nope. Are there currently any issues on my Gnome setup? Nope. Of course your mileage may varying depending on your hardware, but with most things, it’ll come down to how you use Gnome as a user. How I need and use Gnome may differ from the way of things that you might do it, but essentially if you’re worried about issues/stability/etc, the only time I would worry about that is between Gnome releases, i.e. Gnome 40 > Gnome 41 (or 42?).

With upgrades like that, the only things I worry about are, does my theme still work under the new Gnome, and what extensions still work if any? I use about a dozen extensions, so if one is out of date, I’ll message them on their Git page for any help in the matter. There are times where an extension becomes abandoned, but those are rare, and if they do but they are popular enough, typically someone will fork it and create a new extension. And as for themes, well most themes and extensions do get updated (eventually!) by the next Gnome release or shortly after (think days or weeks).

Generally speaking after a new Gnome release I expect some extensions to not be updated for up to a month or so. The most popular extensions get updated the quickest most of the time. The Gnome devs are trying to fix this headache extension update issue, but for now most of that work still falls solely on the extension devs. Gnome lacks an API for this which is most unfortunate. And it all depends on the devs free time, so I have to be patient, I have to be understanding, and at times, I have to be able to compromise with things. But overall, I enjoy GTK applications, I enjoy Gnome (with extensions), and I don’t mind some of the drawbacks that may come with it.

And like others have mentioned some extensions work better than others. But as for myself I don’t operate on “ideals” of how things should be so much as are things for me as a user practical or not. Does the extension work? Does my system function the way I need it to without any drawbacks? Then I’m all for it. Now I’ve gone on and did a bit of rant! But to answer your question Gnome is working great, so I would say give it a try 100% :slight_smile:

That’s funny to me, because there’s all of 4 things I have to change in KDE and a dozen or more things to make GNOME vaguely usable.

Really? Mind you I customise every DE and ISO I have ever used on every Distro. I suppose I have a very definite idea on what my ideal setup is. Actually that reflects my whole life: I am just one bloody-minded individualist! :crazy_face: :wink:


Gnome devs made the Extension application. Gnome devs made the Gnome Extensions website. Gnome devs currently have documentation on increasing support for a better extensions experience. That doesn’t sound like they want to stop extensions to me. The Gnome devs realize that some users need extensions, so while in the past they were hesitant to flat out support extensions, they have since changed their idea of how to handle them. I understand this is only a harmless guess of yours, but it is not accurate to say they would stop extensions, as it actually defeats all the work that the developers are actually doing right now. I just want to make that clarification, as it can do some harm when misinformation like this gets passed around.



Fair point. I just find it strange that the extensions are not an integral part of the basic Gnome DE. It seems like a 2 part strategy: go with the basic or use the extensions. To me that seems like the various versions of Windows like Home and Pro etc. I think it’s confusing. I appreciate your info because it’s been probably 3 or 4 years since I used Gnome.

I don’t like broccoli. :laughing:

Edit: Darn garden Gnomes!

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And I hate peanut butter! :laughing:

It’s Green for Linux Mint! aka that Cinnamon distro :stuck_out_tongue:

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