Getting Hyprland

Our goal is not to make our hyprland bloated so i guess we have to make a pkg in which there would be some built in stuff you can say thats modified hyprland but we cannot do that or else hyprland would crash

ibnever tried ml4w but ig it requires alot of pkgs

me adding stuff to it , i added volume script that supports scroll , fullscreen mode too along with additional

You should probably be using pcmanfm-qt instead of thunar, seems like a better fit for this kind of thing, i personally have both on my pc, i used thunar with hyprland at first but switched to pcmanfm-qt, it works very well.

also qt6ct instead of qt5ct…

hyprpaper, hyprlock and hypridle instead of swww, swaylock and swayidle.

It seems kidna pointless to include fastfetch, why would you?

that’s about all i have to say about this project as is i suppose, the waybar theme could use some work too i suppose, but that’s just a matter of taste. I really hate how it’s like someone vomited all kinds of colors over it instead of keeping the colors consistent.

Honestly i think making a full blown, no holds barred endeavouros theme would be the right call. Making it bloated maybe is cause for concern and to be avoided, but modifying and configuring it to hell and back should be on the menu. If the user wants a different config, they can always set it up themselves, or modify the eos one.

Things broke a bit concerning Dolphin, but I blogged about a solution (based on a few bits found online, but making it permanently in Hyprland):


Hi guys did some changes to waybar.
moved away from wofi as a settings app and waybar theme-switcher app.
This has now been moved to yad.
Also i created a welcome app
And there is now a notification center !

the new yad waybar theme swicther.

The new settings app.

Let me introduce hypr-welcome !

And last the notification center.

The version below will be the Endeavour OS version is also more minimal.

Also i’am looking for collaborators but remember this is the extended version and is my personal version i use this version for testing and building.

Needed collaborators with good coding skills and graphic design skills and also someone who knows how to build iso’s and knows Calamares, knowledge of yad is also very welcome.


This looks very nice, if I wasn’t so cozy on KDE I would probably try it out.

What sort of designs? There are a few on the forum who are pretty active including me

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Well the idea is to build also a new iso with calamares but maybe we can design new graphics for that so someone with good graphic skill will be nice.
I also need to find somebody who is good in building a iso and has good knowledge of calamares.

I have zero knowledge of this stuff, well I’ve got a little in building an ISO but it’s very limited. If you want to check out some of my art it is here
Wallpaper 2024 is probably some of the better stuff or the backgrounds from the splash screens

I just cannot get steam games to run since I reinstalled. Steam opens OK, library > game > crash - taking a load of stuff with it, happens on my nVidia RTX3070 and my iGPU (AMD).

Hi can you create a new topic for your steam issue or find the EndeavourOS support group on telegram, this topic is only hyprland related.

I know, I can’t get steam to run on hyprland… Hence I thought it was a fit place to post it. As to posting about it, I have, with no solution.

Bruh i wonder whats up with the community edition repo

still need to push lots of changes will do soon.
Have been building and testing stuff before pushing to the repo.

I dont know abour play over steam … but im running hyprland over 14 days as main … and strem games from main PC over parsec or steam is OK.

Parsec has only wierd error when after while when i go to parsec menu the menu rotate as crazy → dont know why but the strem working ok.

Hey guys

Sorry - this thread has become pretty long…

Is there a most recent suggestion about how to get EndeavourOS to run with hyprland?
Is it still

I might prefer a manual approach to that, just to avoid risking a dependency which might end up abandoned at some point.

HI I saw your message but that link you give is not really up to date at the moment my fault i know .

OK but that would be the correct link (if updated)?

Well if you really like the version i made then let me give you my personal repos what are up to date.

And if you want to install it well use the script inside this repo:

I have setup mij repositories in a modulair way, i have set it up like this so i can easy maintain them.

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