G'Day to y'all


Ended up here after a hop around the scene … been using linux casually for a good few years now , only recently got back into it after purchasing a new laptop (Requiring a …more hands on approach …)

Spent the last few months on arch or derivatives …tested out ubuntu land …fedora …suse …

came back around and couldn’t be bothered going through the install again , was happy to find this !

The xfce versions is nice ! Iv’e also tested GNOME which I like :slight_smile:

Lots to learn , seems like a good community to pop into from time to time .

Appreciate the work!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! Enjoy you stay. :+1:

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Welcome!! :hugs:

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Wahoo thank you :slight_smile: .

Hopefully everyone has a greay day/night

Welcome to the fun :balloon: :tada:

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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Welcome aboard! :rocket:


Glad to have you! Enjoy!

Thank you all ! from Thailand :wink:

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