Games with DXVK are not launched

You might be missing dependencies

Try following this

And make sure drivers are all good

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I should have everything installed, just yesterday I installed a 32bit library for nvidia, I also followed the guide that is in the forum and consequently I should be okay. But my problem is certainly because I miss an addiction that was in Manjaro, but which one? And why even in its absence can I start Snake Pass which uses DXVK?

Still should double checked, I’ve missed dependencies and had a similar issue previously. Those 2 guides should cover it all

I did a little test and as I thought I have everything I need, but anyway I have to use WineD3D for some games, through the command PROTON_USE_WINED3D = 1

Did you get a proton log? Enable logging for proton so it’ll tell you what’s missing

Make sure you have all requirements

how do i get it?

I managed to create the log but not so read it, I do not understand anything

Its failing to create vulkan instance

This means there is something strange with your driver setup. AMD vulkan bits didn’t get installed by mistake maybe?

Have you tried different proton versions? Can’t be sure exactly what’s causing it but its driver/vulkan related

Check for lib32-amdvlk

But I have an Nvidia card

All needed Vulkan packages are listed here, see if you have all of them installed please.

steam might have accidentally installed it as a dependency, check if you have any AMD bits

It is unable to create the 32bit vulkan surface and this is a common issue when AMD bits get accidentally installed on nvidia systems

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I already have everything I need, in theory

How do I check this thing?

There should be no theories, prove it! :laughing:

pacman -Qsq | grep -iE "vulkan|nvidia"
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im not 100% on this but this might work, I havent been using Arch lately (Fedora is calling me) so i cant test it atm

pacman -Qs | grep -iE "amd"

edit: or what @keybreak posted above me with “amd” instead should work

You were right, I have this 32-bit library for amd, but I don’t have an AMD video card and I don’t know it serves my CPU which is Ryzen, so what do I do? Do I do scorched earth? Do I delete that thing?

local/amd-ucode 20220509.b19cbdc-1
Microcode update image for AMD CPUs
local/lib32-amdvlk 2022.Q2.2-1
AMD’s standalone Vulkan driver

Delete amdvlk. Good find. The microcode is safe.

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leave microcode and get rid of amdvlk :+1:

sudo pacman -R lib32-amdlk should solve your issue but you may need to force it if pacman complains steam needs it


Everything works as it should, but why did I install that driver? This thing is madness!