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Sounds like it’s a little bit…overkill… :rofl:


Oh boy, oh boy. My body is ready :gun:

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Heart of Chornobyl demo reviews by ukraian

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I still remember good old voxel-engine based Delta force 1998…
Wonder how that one will go :upside_down_face:

Steam version of Dwarf Fortress now available on Linux

Chatter was:

Oh boy they’ve fixed EVERYTHING in Cyberpunk2077, all bugs were fixed, code was rewritten, whole new AI system yada yada yada…

Meanwhile in :clown_face: :earth_africa:

I guess i’ll wait for v100.0 or something :rofl:

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It is just an early build so the bugs are expected. It was supposed to be released in 2077 after all.

Maybe by 2077 it will have most of the bugs polished.

Big maybe…

I actually just started with Cyberpunk 2077 myself. Quite enjoy it so far, so I will still have to get to the new DLC content.

Yeah, the size of that maybe is reaching “ur mom” levels…

Yeah, imagine not being expected to run a program that is not written for your operating system and hardware by the publisher/developer, so cool. :exploding_head:

This time, they mean it. The legendary game Half-Life turned 25 today and to celebrate, it’s free in the Steam store for the next three days (until Steam Dawn on the 20th, 1800 GMT).

The soundtrack DLC is also free and if you don’t own the other Half-Life games, they’re all on sale for less than a buck each (except Alyx).


Nice, I would have missed this if you didn’t mention this, I haven’t used steam in a few weeks

Florida man all the way! :rofl:

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This looks really good

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