Games Crash On DXVK Shader Compilation Occasionally

So I play my games using Proton , WINE and DXVK . Sometimes some games will get stuck at shader compilation for DXVK and eventually crash . Some games do and some games resume after a decent pause . I know this is normal but crashing isn’t . It probably is due to the fact that I have a dual core i3-1005G1 which supposedly matches the performance to that of a Quad-Core like Q460 or smthing like that as per the advertisement.

Well I suppose this to be a driver , mesa driver issue or DXVK’s . Well rn I will go install some rolling release and stable release distros other than arch to check for my claims but you folks can give me suggestions and help me . I will try out the suggestions by having a clean install of EndeavourOS.

Thanks In Advance Everyone :wink:

Yeah it’s not really normal.
Try removing dxvk cache and launch such game again.

Two clean installs and yet the result remained the same.

Where have i said to clean install anything?

If running into such problem, try removing from the same directory where your exe is:

  1. your_exe.dxvk-cache
  2. GLCache

And run again.
Although i doubt it’s really dxvk cache for some reason…

No,no,no. You didn’t say to clean install .
I’m just telling that once I had done two re-installs and still had the issue.
And yes, no improvement by your suggestion

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You’re launching in Lutris?

Steam for steam games and bottles for non steam

Lutris wine prefix detection is broken rn , I reported it in their github repo and they said they will use custom lutris-made wine prefixes like bottles from ver 6.0 onwards , whenever that releases.

I don’t know how to do logs in bottles, since i don’t use it, but with Steam see here:
Find this part:

You want to create log file to check if everything fine or file a bug, use Environment variable:

See what logs it will produce

Ah well , I forgot to say , allowing the shader compilation in steam seems to fix the issue . For now it seems unless it occurs again . I mean I first had two consecutive crashes in steam and once in bottles. Very tough to reproduce , can occur any time

So as per my deduction , it seems to be something more than a bug.

There’s only one way to know, just keep the log environment variable until it’s crashed again and see what kind of log you’ll find out.
But like i’ve said - really doubt it’s cache.

Yesterday I was playing Mafia II and boom , crashed all of a sudden , no lags nothing , straight up crash , well I was using kron4ek’s wine 9.0 staging version as my preffered runner.

Yeah , I just remembered , once while playing Mafia II , the game got stuck the exact same like earlier , seemiingly during shader compilation and crashed , I checked the lutris logs and they were something like this:

Starting /home/yeagerist/GamerX/Mafia II/pc/mafia2.exe
some random lines here*
wine fsync is up and running
Warning:Using REALPriority(Something Like this)<=20
Failed To load ADL
Process ended with 0

Perhaps I found the solution ! I sm damn sure that the previous time I had not installed the lib32-pipewire package which had caused crashes in games for me . So I find this to be the culprit for my spoiled experience (really its just my dumbass). As for steam, it could very well be a issue with GE Proton which I used at the time . So for any newbies:
Installing the required packages with this command is a must: sudo pacman -S lib32-alsa-lib lib32-alsa-plugins lib32-pipewire lib32-libpipewire

The other time while playing could well have been my RAM or CPU , around 5 gigs free at idle.

Installing lib32-pipewire fixed many crashes for me.
The shader compilation stutter could well have been Proton GE

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