Games/Apps won't launch via bottles: wine error


After a reinstall, none of my apps are launching on bottles. I’ve tried apps like Ubisoft connect, the Warband Script Enchancer 2 launcher and Tales of Two Wastelands launchers, all not launching through bottles. When I launch the games via terminal, I get presented with this wine error:

wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <=20, unable to use setpriority safely.

This is with the AUR package, the flatpak uses some weird sandboxing that I don’t know how to properly bypass. Please send me any pointers or commands to help diagnose this problem. Thank you.

g00lag search (not really - I don’t use that crap):<%3D20%2C+unable+to+use+setpriority+safely.

That’s warning, not error, it’s fine.

Okay so, I fixed the problem with WSE2, it would appear as a black screen but it was still interactable. By spamming enter, I was able to install it. Very strange, but I’ll look into
fixing that another time. Thank you for your time

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Bruteforce :rofl:

You can use flatseal to manage the sandbox permissions of flatpaks

I figured that out and it fixed my file permissions issue. Also I fixed the black screen problem by just using the flatpak, unsure if the AUR version is having some problems but oh well. Marking keybreak’s thing as solution as technically it was the solution to the original post.

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