Game Controller Issues

I have been wanting to get back into playing some games. My video card is working well and I also installed Lutris. Most of the games seem to be working fine.

However, as soon as I try to play with my controller (Nvidia shield controller) the game starts running really slow. This happens whether I try to connect via usb or bluetooth. I used the same controller in Manjaro without any issues.

Any idea how I can fix this? Do I need to install some different drivers?

Try this driver suggestions, maybe it’ll help :upside_down_face:

Thanks. I took a look at that. The problem seems a little different. The controller is recognized as a “Nvidia Corportation Nvidia Controller v 01.04Controller” and seems to basically work.

Though, when I go to USB devices it shows up as “Nvidia Corp. (Unknown)”.

It does have the same functional layout as an xbox controller.

I’m going to guess that Manjaro installs game-devices-udev as a dependency of steam-manjaro (or whatever it’s called).

That package is in the AUR and might well provide some extra udev rules to make game controllers work correctly.

Thanks, @jonathon. I will take a look at that. After a little more playing around, I found an issue in the button mapping of the controller in steam that seemed to fix one of the issues. I also found that in one of the games I was having an issue with, AC3 that if I turned of v-sync it played fine. I’m not sure about the others. but will check those options.

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So everything was working well yesterday, but today when I tried to started up the game, the trigger buttons make move the same as if I was moving the left joystick up and down. They are currently set at axis 5 and axis 4. There doesn’t seem to be another option to set them as I am only able to press the button (in steam).

Also, Lutris seams to use Steam’s settings. Is there a place to setup the controller in Lutris? @keybreak is there a guide you recommend for setting up a controller?

Sorry, no idea as i don’t have one for PC myself

Ok, no worries. I’ve always used a controller so using a mouse and keyboard just seems weird for me when playing games.