Fwupdmgr missing on brand new installation, broken link to report bug

System info: https://0x0.st/HDOj.txt

Just installed EndeavourOS on an old laptop and when I go to the “Firmware Updates” section the following warning pops up:

When I click on the “Report this issue” button, it leads me to this dead link: https://forum.endeavouros.com/c/arch-based-related-questions/bug-reports

Can both of these issues be fixed? Thanks!

It’s not an issue, it’s optional dependency for Info center and you’ve been notified about it.

  1. Close Info center
  2. Install it if you need it:
    sudo pacman -S fwupd
  3. Open Info center again

@joekamprad fix it bad boy! :joy:
Also where does this link come from?

I have never seen a page on the forum with that kind of bug report, so indeed where is that link coming from?

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@keybreak I see. Then can the last line and the “report this issue” button be removed? If it is an optional dependency then it shouldn’t say it’s a “packaging issue”.

Or it would be better if the button was replaced with “Install…” that does it for the user.

And yes I did manage to fix it by installing fwupd, but thank you for the command so other users of EOS can find it :smiley:

It’s what opens when you click on the “Report this issue” button in the screenshot.

Nah it’s perfectly fine if you read it…also we don’t fix anything in upstream, we just use Arch packages directly…

It was technical question for @joekamprad, such url should come from somewhere, some file…i wonder which one.

Respectfully I have to disagree. For a new user the message makes it look like the system is broken straight from the get-go. I do understand if it can’t be fixed on EOS’s side, though. I think it would benefit EOS’s users if the “optional” dependency was included during installation, or if the message could be updated. In case the former isn’t possible, where can I ask about this issue upstream?

I know, but i’ts Arch based distro for people who are willing to know or familiar with Arch already.

See, it says fwupdmgr tool could not be found, then what people do at Arch / :enos: is:

pacman -Si kinfocenter

And look at optional dependencies, there you can see fwupd, which looks exactly something like mentioned there - install it, try it - if it works, it works.

We’re problem solvers by nature :upside_down_face:

It’s optional for a reason - not everyone need it, generally speaking :enos: just provides safe and minimal nice way to install Arch, from where each user choose to customize it as they please.

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I guess that’s fair. I was just hoping to make it easier for new users that might not be familiar with the Arch-way of doing things. Thanks for the replies.

I assume the address comes from /etc/os-release.
Likely the page address has changed…

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