Funniest Caption Contest!

“I think we just found the downside to moving back in with Mom and Dad.”

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This is a Ubuntu user who didn’t debloat their system

If this doesn’t work then I will agree that “Keep out of the reach of children” really is a meaningless phrase.

Yesterday’s winner is @ramblinwreck! :partying_face:

Today’s contest start…NOW!

I want one with more life in 'em. This one burned out too fast.

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I think I overclocked his processor too much!

Yesterday’s winner is @kmartin :partying_face:

New contest…GO!

I am not a fly-by-night employee.

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It all started when I found this book, by someone named Kafka, in a second-hand bookshop.


Do I look like an animal to you?

Yesterday’s winner?

A tie! :necktie:

Congrats to @LamnaNasus and @Sharp :partying_face:

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The next contest begins…NOW!

He is not so shiney anymore!

It was just a flesh wound!

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Beggar opened it right in front of me!

Yesterday’s winner is…

No one. :frowning:

What the hell?


What :question:
You have posted exactly the same picture :rofl:

Could you point us to the tube?