Fresh install unable to boot without installing Nvidia driver + image retention problem

This is a very weird problem I had when I was doing a fresh install on my pc.

Nvidia 1080ti
Z270-a motherboard
16GB DDR4 2400mhz ram

I went through the installation process perfectly fine and after it finished the system rebooted and it failed to boot. Right after it initialized the kernel theere were some weird green artifacts on screen + a high brightness green flash on second montior and the image sort of froze up. I decided to reboot numerous times and the problem remained. I had to spam ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a command line where I installed the latest Nvidia driver. After that all was well but I noticed image retention on my main monitor (Acer Predator 1440p 144hz). I don’t know how to explain it but it had noticeable black lines in the left and right edge of the screen. Thankfully it’s an LCD monitor so after a few hours it turned back to normal but it was a very very strange issue. Anyway had to install another OS for a few days to do some testing but now I’m gonna try installing Endeavour fresh again and will make a video showing the problem if it appears again.

edit: This time it did it only the first time and it fixed itself after a reboot. Here’s a video :

So after installing prpritary nvidia drivers all is normal?

Is the interference is happening also if you disconnect the second monitor?

There are some nvidia cards having issues with the open-source driver and others not also.
I need to install nvidia prop. driver here too as i got screen issues with nouveau.

I can see also that your card seems not 100% working with nouveau here:
your card: NV132 (GP102) NVIDIA Titan (X, Xp), GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Last time I installed (a few days ago) it refused to boot without proprietary but now it bugged out only the first time and after a reboot it let me see lightdm. Afterwards I booted and installed the proprietary driver. It is fine for me but could be quite jarring to someone less experienced.

Yes we do working on something that let you choose to install Nvidia drivers on initial install.
But issue is not on our side it is caused by Nvidia do not provide informations on their hardware, so that open-source driver needs a lot of reverse enginiering to get drivers work.

Linux is about knowing your hardware also, and as you have done it everyone can do it. Search /try /get help at the forum…

I’m not pointing fingers man I’m just showing you what I thought could be a bug. Also from personal experience I’ve never had this happen on any other distro that uses nouveau drivers by default. Manjaro has never done it and neither has Ubuntu but both of those come with an older kernel out of the box. Could be entirely due to the newer kernel or something else entirely. Just wanted to share, thanks for listening.

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sorry if i sound like that, you do everything right, and it will may help someone else with the same GPU to get it working!

I do only want to state that we do not ship everything ready for all the hardware available.
We like to give support after install to get stuff working, so you get it working in a way that you know how it works, and then it will be more easy to solve upcoming issues.

And as you say it was working on older kernel on other Distros, it is maybe related to the nouveau version at Archlinux.
Nvidia is kind of a pain in the ass on linux nowadays :wink:

It’s always a dilemma especially when it comes to proprietary drivers. It would be nice to put a disclaimer somewhere that the system is not meant for novice users cuz some newbie can stumble upon it and like the look without knowing that it’s not the easiest of things to handle.

After install you’re set up with a lightly customized and an almost bare Xfce desktop shipped with Firefox, Kalu (Keep Archlinux updated) and an AUR helper called yay, ready to discover the endless possibilities an Arch-based system has. At first glance, EndeavourOS may look intimidating with its terminal commands, but we have the premium advantage of an active and friendly community to guide you through your journey into Archlinux.

Stupid questions simply don’t exist with us, we’re happy to guide you through your system and the terminal commands from beginning to end in a friendly manner.


We do not offer something like Manjaro or Ubuntu, it is a system bare and raw to setup as you like.
And it is our goal to let users using the terminal from the beginning.

Thinks as you have with the Nvidia card will be possible from time to time, and will be solved fast mostly, the magic of a rolling release. At Arch-based systems you need to get knowledge on how to do stuff inside a terminal, Pacman grub kernel-images … this is the only way to prevent you from a not working system in the future, or sometimes directly on installing it. But there is the forum and the wiki helping you.

a bit like that, sorry I had this manjaro iso under the hands

What is the Information here :wink:

the choice of the driver

what is the percentage of pcs that do not start the driveur new

So it is an ISO providing to choose free or nonfree drivers ?
And it boots fine on all available hardware? nvidia card / Optimus systems / legacy nvidia cards / amd cards ??

what is the percentage of this systems would be easy to solve with one command? 95%

for AND and nvidia no problem, the other must use the fallback mode

and where i can find the sources for this?

iso de manjaro

yes i know manjaro, and they have their own hardware detection software, but what is it you want to say to solve the issue from topic here? or do you want to say something related to another topic?
Give some more information as i do not own a magic glassball :wink:

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Yes