Fresh install - pacman returned non-zero exit status 1

As the title said on a fresh live install of KDE
Mirrors refreshed, Endeavour mirrors refreshed and updated Archlinux-keyrings.

Might be similar:

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2024-03-19 - 18:09:00 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: “error: target not found: khotkeys”

This is not in the repos anymore.
Not sure if something is pulling it in as dependency or something.

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Thought it was from khotkeys, never knew it wasn’t in the repos anymore. Guess live installs of kde are dead now?
Thanks @pebcak

Perhaps they can fix it with a “hotfix”.

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Question is why it is being pulled in?

If it is not in the repos, so nothing should depend on it.

The only added package I selected was KDE. :laughing: Everything else was as is.

You could do an offline and then upgrade :blush:

Thanks, wanted to try a clean install. Will wait for the new ISO. :wink:

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BTW, under the section where you choose what to install (KDE), could you see if “khotkeys” is there?

If so you could deselect it and proceed with the installation.


Looks like “khotkeys” was removed just yesterday from KDE pkglist.

You may be able to deselect it under KDE section in the installer.

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I found khotkeys in the KDE pre install and deselected that package. Installing now…

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Worked, many Thanks

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Sounds great!

I am sure @joekamprad will be already on it to issue a hotfix the moment he comes across this thread!

Enjoy your Plasma! :v:t5:

That’s already in the hotfix…

But in case GitHub/GitLab can be blocked what will lead to not getting the hotfix.
New ISO will be there soon :wink:


This could be problematic for some users then.

Nice! Power to you! :muscle:t5:

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Already deleted, graphics like shit on qemu, wanted to try a fresh install to see if it was fixed.

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