GitLab Down Due To Drive Failures

just a short note, as I failed with installing my fingerprint-reader… repo could not be cloned…

More information here:

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The services are impacted because of two solid-state drives powering it being corrupted.

They are working on getting the service back up and hopefully having all of the contents of the failed disks recovered.

One would hope that they’re not actually doing “recovery”, but fitting new disks in and restoring backups.


Thank goodness, the important stuff like snek is still up. :sweat_smile:


In case of freedesktop when they talk about GitLab - they mean instance, because GitLab is not only, but platform which you can use entirely on your own servers…

So that’s entirely freedekstop fault :laughing:


Their Ceph Storage setup choked on the drive failures, the data is / was all fine but they had to deal with Ceph being stupid.

I think gluster might have been a bit more forgiving here but they’re already using Ceph so oh well.