Fractional Scaling - the best DE?

Which DE is best with fractional scaling? but not only that, also at setting different scaling per monitor?
like a lot of people I have a laptop with a high resolution and I need a 125% scaling to be usable (or maybe I am getting old…), and I frequently need to connect to monitors on which I would like to set the scaling at 100%

Cinnamon that seems to handle that natively? Gnome Wayland but with memory issues?
or maybe another solution …
what is you feedback on this?

Salut @philhells as-tu essayé d’utiliser font scaling ou bien d’ajuster la taille de la police ?
Au lieu de modifier les DPI ou l’écran. :mag_right:

Out of the box only:

  1. Gnome
  2. Deepin (at least 15 was, 20 i don’t really care anymore, and i don’t recommend it as a daily driver, it is extremely buggy)

But fractional scaling is troublesome for almost all of DEs, especially when it comes to per-monitor scaling…That’s a shame :frowning:

P.S. Haven’t tried Cinnamon for a long while, but it seems it can do fractional as you’ve said:

and will allow different scaling values to be set for each connected display.

Seems you should try it out :wink:

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In my DE hopping, and as someone who regularly used their TV with their computer, KDE Plasma is by far the best fractional scaling in my experience as of late.


I tried the Cinnamon scaling and it sucks. What it does (in my case) is rendering the desktop at 4K but the UI at (2560x1440, 150%) for example and you can tell since the font/text looks blurry.

I guess good fractional scaling doesn’t exist.

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In Deepin it was, but…well…

Last time i’ve tried some text still looked blurry and scaling of few elements was off too…

I mean, better than nothing, but still far from perfect. Maybe i should retry it with latest updates

The new Xfce 4.16 coming soon is supposed to have support for Fractional scaling.

Xfce 4.16 finally introduces fractional scaling for your high-resolution displays with the support of XRandR (resize and rotate). The display dialog has the 1x, 2x, 1.5x, and custom scaling options available.

yes I used to do that on Gnome but it applies the same settings to all monitors so same issue

I’ll try cinnamon, I am not using a 4k monitor so maybe it will work for me

yes KDE plasma is great but it doesn’t handle the fractional scaling per monitor

so I tried Cinnamon and it works pretty well, you have fractional scaling and you can setup it per monitor
but it gets a little bit blurry on the screen that is scaled at 125 %, it’s usable though
if they can fix that it would be perfect

on my quest of looking for the best DE for this, Pop OS won
I don’t know how they do this but even if it’s using x11 it works like a charm, and no intense CPU usage
so for now I will use Pop OS on my work laptop