Found an excellent Timeshift tutorial (ext4)

I stumbled across a damn good Timeshift tutorial a few days ago while browsing Linux videos. If you’re using the ext4 filesystem, this tutorial is for you. I partitioned an external drive for Timeshift snapshots. I had to use it once already and it worked like a charm.


Timeshift uses rsync tool which should work on any Linux filesystem, not just ext4.

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may I ask you what you formatted your external partition that gets the backups? ext? fat32?
(got an half full toshiba 1TB external I’d consider repurposing).

If your hardware supports UEFI, use GPT.
You choose whatever Linux filesystem. If you can’t decide, go for Ext4.

Never use FAT32 as MS filesystem which is not supported by Timeshift.


You should always use GPT regardless:

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@drunkenvicar I formatted to ext4 to match my EndeavourOS filesystem.

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