FOSS screen space ray tracing with any game and GPU

Indeed, although my most concerns for newer games are not graphics at all, but:

  • Physics
  • AI
  • Gameplay

Sadly late years haven’t bring anything really outstanding, to my taste, with just very few exceptions…

But hopefully when graphical burden of complex simulations, will be less and less important due to tracing techniques in overall game dev process - it will bring those 3 essential components more to life! :space_invader:

Oh, seems it’s already exist on Cryengine!! again! :upside_down_face:

Looks absolutely insane and works on all GPUs - sounds like Path tracing to me :slight_smile:
Compared to what Unreal Engine 5 tries to do in terms of Ray tracing on RTX GPU only, lagging & noisin behind that…

Well take your pick :slight_smile:

I just wanted to pop in and say that I absolutely love this write-up and the effort you put into it. Very exciting stuff!


Much appreciated, it’s not even close to finish yet! :upside_down_face:
A lot of exciting stuff ahead! :rocket:

Here’s in-depth explanation of Cryengine demo:



You gotta be…



So…Only way is to break on 1 and 2 posts i guess?

Just make a part one and part two :smile: I should also move this over to the gaming section no?

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All right… :upside_down_face:

There’s gaming section? :sweat_smile: I missed that one…
Well, i guess you can move it then :slight_smile:

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All right, i’m tired as hell, as it was not easy at all to sum this up, those are most important aspects of RTGI:

7.2. SSRTGI (Screen space ray tracing global illumination)
8. Problems

There are still couple of parameters and problems need some proper writing though…
@Sojiro84 Since you use RTGI - might wanna read that - plenty of stuff to grasp :wink:

P.S. If someone will come up with solutions to common problems or i’ve missed something important - please do hit me up here :slight_smile:

P.P.S. @Elloquin maybe moving was a mistake, since:

issues… and this is not really an issue here, more like a solution :laughing:


It’s better than the pub! :rofl:

Small but cool update!

6.3. Requirements

Read updated Network and REMOVE NETWORK RESTRICTIONS :partying_face:

Also on general ReShade configuration note:

Enable :ballot_box_with_check: Performance mode (on bottom of UI) when you done tweaking and happy with results, this will allow ReShade to start much faster, but won’t allow to tweak, so disable if you want further tweaking!


RTGI v0.16 followed by bugfix RTGI v0.16.0.1 got released :slight_smile:
Haven’t tested it yet, but that’s good news! :space_invader:

And i have finally fixed post and made it one single wiki post, so table of content works perfectly for all items now :slight_smile:
Hopefully will write some nice updates soon!

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Done some testing of beta v0.16.0.1 - it’s extremely impressive!

Now it’s my new goto recommendation, since it has best quality and balanced performance compared to other versions.
There is also some strongly reduced flickering on extreme values for lighting, now you really have to look like that :face_with_monocle: to notice a noise!

And there are some new functions too :slight_smile:


ReShade v4.8 released!

WARNING: This update has some breaking changes that require updates from shader maintainers (and therefore not all your installed effects may work until that has happened)!

Haven’t tested with RT shaders yet, but since there were no updates from McFly yet i assume it should be fine :upside_down_face:

Edit 31
Updated default file example for ReShade.ini, mainly useful for newcomers :slight_smile:

Oh, and now by default new preset naming is ReShadePreset.ini, but if you use older one it should pick up it just fine.

Since ReShade v4.8 brings a lot of internal changes, but that way they’re not breaking if you use latest shaders too :yum:

ENBSeries dev Boris Vorontsov have posted new development screenshots of his new ray-tracing techniques:

Looking pretty early, but interesting :upside_down_face:

C++ ASCII ray tracing

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Keep experimenting with older games - some are just blast!

GTA San Andreas for example (as always - watch fullscreen!)



  • All those previously disjointed simple surfaces are now realistically blending
  • Objects which had no shadows now have them
  • Smaller light / shadow details coming…


P.S. Forgot to mask the radar which have low-bit transparency artifact :sweat_smile:

What’s with that light blue window frame? :rofl:

Well, that’s question for GTA SA devs :rofl:
this static lighting sometimes is…well…maybe they’re having party, specifically on a frame?! :partying_face:

Shader somewhat mitigates that though, spreading that light just a liiiiiiitle bit to window itself :laughing:

So…DirectX ray tracing as a tech still requires hardware to support it? :upside_down_face:

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