Forum purple Interface

Anyone like to have interface/theme like brave forum already has purple color, here is screenshot =

i think it will make more better forum, because EndeavourOS known as purple themed, it is good idea if i am not wrong, how wants purple theme ! (i want)


Wow, that is not for me. I like purple highlights but entirely purple and plum is… :scream:

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I actually played with this colour scheme when I was creating the dark theme three years ago, but I also came to the same conclusion as @dalto, it was too plum and purple for a dark theme. But for those who like it, it is great the option is out there.


Dark Reader can do:

This can color in all colors you want


you dont need to replace to dark theme, you can just add other theme if you can, brave forum already has 4 themes

okay that’s new for me, but still dark reader broke some sites, And again i am going to tryout dark reader, thanks for your information.

That’s not what I was saying, the Endeavour dark theme wasn’t an existing theme Discourse was shipping. So, during the process of creating it, I played with that colour scheme but decided not to go through with it.
Perhaps when the reactions in that thread about your OP are more than enthusiastic, I will consider to add such a theme to the forum. :wink:


@BlackHole, it’s nice, but doesn’t have enough green.


You could check out the forum of this other Arch based distro…I forgot the name unfortunatly.


you can disable it per side :wink:

Maybe a little purple could do no harm.

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Single post:


Yes, the header is too purple, I was just playing around with inspector on FF.


You should add at least another theme,

why man+jar=no, always become as joke, other hand we have ubuntu / debian and many more to make jokes.
fact is - they try to make different distro, okay they make buggy+ssl expired, but at least they tried to make better, i dont think makes jokes is a good, because who make man+jar=no they gives his/her hard-work, for example = apple can make jokes for google for not giving android updates for few years. but thats not a good thing same as other distro,

No, I don’t. It is a community-driven project, so I do it in my spare time. I should do tasks for my paying job, but I could consider adding another theme to the forum. :wink:


Making jokes about Manjaro is very common here but usually it’s just that, a joke.
As quite a few other people here I used Manjaro in the past and I wasn’t happy with the distro and with some decisions of the team, so I switched to EOS. I don’t think I will ever go back to Manjaro but there’s no disrespect or hate from my side.
So don’t worry, it’s harmless, just having a bit of fun.

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EndeavourOS team is doing a great job by giving us a great distro and much better community on their spare time, with no obligation to do additional tasks.

In the meantime you could try to style this (or any) website as you want:

If you’re not using Firefox, surely there’s a similar extension for your favorite browser.


some I wanted to mention before… there are ways to let websites look as you want

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Unironically Garuda Linux has some nice themes to pick from, not only “light” and “dark”. Perhaps EndeavourOS could take some inspiration? For example this is “dr460nized”. It has red-orange-purple tint but doesn’t look out of place.

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Is there a way for some enthusiasts to sign in for develop themes? I dont’ want to bother, so, please ignore this question if it means a lot of work from your side. It could be, because you’d need to check and approve new themes, install them and maybe it would increase time or tasks for backup and restore.

Anyway, I like current themes.

That theme makes me remeber some buntu suffixed word. :rofl:

It is possible, but at the moment the forum and the websites have some more urgent issues to tackle. So this theme request is at the bottom of the task list.
To be honest, I don’t see the necessity of having more than two themes on the forum for a distro that represents a minimal approach.
For Garuda, I can see the link between the different flavours of ISOs they offer and the multiple themes on the forum.

But if the request is backed by a significant amount of community members, I will look into it.
It isn’t difficult to create, it just requires some time to get into.


Great answer!

:rocketa_purple: :clap:


Oh bad idea… By saying: “if significant number of people nag me, I’ll do it” you’re just setting yourself up. :rofl:

I like the present dark theme, the less it is modified, the less chance there is to piss people off. Unless you want to add more green, then I’ll be all over that… rofl

The only change I would make (apart from more green) is making the dark theme always the default, because opening the forum in LibreWolf (which defaults everything to light theme) without being signed in is like sitting next to a flash-bang grenade.